Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 3 Will Smith Movies with Best Beginning Performance

Like Jim Carry, Will Smith is always a reason for audiences to buy the movie tickets. Consequently, Will Smith movies can always perform well in box office recipients. Recently, another Will Smith movie has impressed everyone beating the almighty The Avengers to be the first ranker in the list. Yes, I am talking about Men in Black III.

Besides the charm of Will Smith, the release date of Men in Black III has also helped it to beat The Avengers. If it is released earlier, the 55 million dollars is not enough to beat The Avengers. However, this success also enhances the charm of Men in Black III which is promising to raise its box office recipients to over 1 billion dollars.

Though the performance of Men in Black is amazing, it is not the best beginning Will Smith movie gets. Actually the achievement of Men in Black III in the first week only ranks third place of Will Smith movies. Hence, this post will show you top three Will Smith movies with best beginning performance.

1. I Am Legend

I Am Legend DVD
If you have any doubts about the charm of Will Smith or you think people have overestimated the importance of Will Smith to Will Smith movie, I Am Legend will tell you the truth. In the movie, almost all the scenes are completed by Will Smith alone. However, this monologue gained 77.21 million dollars in the first week after its release. With this performance, I Am Legend ranked first in Will Smith movies in terms of beginning performance.

In I Am Legend, as the zombies apocalypse invades in the world, most human lose their humanity and become zombies. The only survivor in the world named Robert Neville struggles valiantly to find a cure. The plague starts from variation of virus which is supposed to be used for curing disasters. Neville is the last hope of human beings but he has little time left.

2. Hancock

Hancock DVD

Superhero movies are always favored by audience. Batman movie, Spider-Man movie and The Avengers have all proved this. As a superhero movie, Hancock was also quite successfully. The 62.60 million dollars performance has helped Hancock to gain the second place in terms of the beginning performance of Will Smith movies.

In the movie, Hancock is a jerk with supernatural power. He always does stupid things with good willing. He prefers to damage a train to save a man rather than take him to the sky. However, all those things have changed after Hancock meets Ray. Ray helps Hancock to become a superhero and to make the world better. However, there are many dangers waiting for him.

3. Men in Black III

Men in Black III

Though Man in Black III is not the Will Smith movie with best start, it owns the chance to become the Will Smith movie with the highest box office. Due to the great success of its predecessors, Men in Black III has attracted more and more attention since its release. Now in this Will Smith movie, you can not only see Agent J and Agent K, but also David Beckham and Lady Gaga.

In the movie, Agent J needs to travel to the past to save Agent K from being killed by aliens. So say goodbye to Tommy Lee Jones and welcome a new Agent K. Just as its predecessors, Men in Black III will astonish audience with hi-tech products in the movie. However, if you have watched Star Wars: Episode III, you will feel the wheel-shape car in Men in Black III is exactly what Obi-Wan uses to chase the general.

So those are top three Will Smith movies with best beginning performance. If you want to watch I Am Legend and Hancock with iPhone 4S, you can convert the DVDs to mp4 videos with DVD Ripper. For Men in Black III, you can download relative YouTube clips.

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