Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two Best Basketball Movies Acted by Two NBA Superstars

NBA Playoffs 2012 has surprised people a lot so far. Not only is Bull, the best team in regular season, eliminated in the first round, but also Lakers, the best team in recent years, has stopped its pace today. As a consequence, Heat, as the most potential winner, has gained its bet. Maybe this time, James can get his first champions.

NBA never runs short of superstars, after Michael Jordon, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant have ruled the field successively. It is also true that NBA never run out of movie stars. Even those ordinary players have acted in one movie or two, let alone those superstars. This post will show you two best basketball movies acted by two NBA superstars.

1. Space Jam by Michael Jordon

Space Jam DVD

As a legend in NBA history, Jordon had successfully conquered both basketball field and commercial field. Without Michael Jordon, NBA would not be so popular. As a man of great influence, he has also attracted the attraction of movie makers with his charms. Consequently, Space Jam was proved a great success and became a member of best basket movies

Space Jam mainly tells a story about how Jordon helps Bugs Bunny to beat alien slavers and to win their freedom. This movie is funny; you can not only find Michael Jordon, but also a lot of cartoon characters created by WarnerBros. Of course, you will see slam dunks by Michael Jordan in the movie. Furthermore, the theme song I Believe I Can Fly is also wonderful.

2. Blue Chips by Shaquille O'Neal

Blue Chips DVD

Though Shaquille O'Neal has ruled the field for years, he seldom gets enemies. Everyone praises him as funny and cute. As a humorous person, O'Neal is fond of pranks. To some extent, he owns the potential to be a movie star. O'Neal knows it so he has made a lot of basket movies.

This wonderful basketball movie is made on the basis of a true story. In the movie, O'Neal is acted as a man named Neon and his partner Hardaway as Butch McRae. A coach named Pete Bell is forced to break the rule in order to keep the competiveness of his team. As he wins the champion, he confesses all his wrong doings to the media.

In the movie, you will see those wonderful slam dunks by O'Neal. In the end of the movie, O’Neal is successfully recruited as an NBA player along with Hardaway. After O’Neal acted in Blue Chips, he successfully helped ORL to get to the final match that year. However, he was not as lucky as he was in the movie this time.

Those are top two basket movies made by two NBA Superstars. For Jordan lovers and O'Neal fans, those two movies are definitely worthy to be seen. If you want to see those two excellent basket movies via The new iPad, you may as well try to convert those DVDs to mp4 files with DVD Ripper.

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