Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Oscar Winning Movies on the Evolution of Film Industry

With the rapid development of science and technology, the film industry had gone through tremendous changes. With several technological innovations, the world has experienced the era of silent film, sound movie, digital movie and then 3D movie respectively. Since the great achievement of Avatar, 3D movies have always been the winners in the movie market.

However, in the time where everyone is reluctant to pay a ticket for silent film, The Artist had successfully beaten all the other 3D movies and won five Academy Awards in 2012. This is amazing but not surprising because many people think a movie like The Artist deserves those prizes.

Moreover, the tremendous achievements of The Artist have changed people's attitude towards silent films. Before the releasing of Don Juan, silent films prevailed in the market. When sound film started its domination, the lives of the actors had changed dramatically. Therefore this post will present you two movies on the evolution of film industry.

1. Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain DVD

Singin' in the Rain mainly tells a story of how the sound film changes the lives of those superstars in the silent era. In the movie, the hero named Don Lockwood accidentally falls in love with a girl named Kathy. When the company decides to make sound movie, Kathy is asked to voice for Don's partner Lina, an arrogant actress with terrible voice. Don takes a chance to reveal to the audience the truth.

As a two Oscar prizes winner, Singin' in the Rain vividly reflects the great challenges brought by sound film to the film companies at that time. Besides that, the beautiful sounds and excellent dances in the movie are also impressive. In the movie, you will see the origin of some technologies like voicing. In order to make the film perfect, Gene Kelly danced in the rain with high fever.

2. The Artist

The Artist DVD

As a French movie, The Artist had conquered Academy Awards and as a silent film, it had beaten numerous 3D movies. In 2012 Academy Awards Ceremony, The Artists had gotten five Oscar prizes and become the biggest winner of that night. The Artist mainly focuses on the sufferings of a famous silent film actor named George Valentin after he rejects to act in sound movie.

As a movie on the evolution of film industry, The Artist displays the miserable fates of some actors at that time. In fact, just like Valentin, many famous actors like Buster Keaton had to quit acting in sound movie era. In order to show honors to those actors, The Artist praised actors like Valentin as real artists. Nowadays the DVD version of The Artist is available in the market.

Those are the two Oscar winning videos focusing on the evolution of film industry. They both vividly reflect different sufferings of the actors at that time. For those who want to see those movies with portable devices, they can convert the DVDs with DVD Ripepr.

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