Monday, June 4, 2012

Top 3 Evil Images in Charlize Theron Movies

The release of Snow White and Huntsman has received great success last week by topping the ranking list in box office. As a movie created on the basis of the original fairy tale, Snow White and Huntsman is bold enough to attach different plot to it. However, this proves to be a successful attempt.

As one of the stars in Snow White and Huntsman, Charlize Theron draws most attentions as an Oscar prize winner. The image of the evil and envy queen in Snow White and Huntsman is something of Alieen alike, the role that helps her to win Best Actress. Therefore, people are hoping she can do as excellent as she used to in Monster.

If you pay enough care to Charlize Theron movies, you will find yourself being impressed by those evil images she created in the movies other than good images. Here this post will have a view at top three evil images in Charlize Theron movies.

1. Ashley in Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games DVD

As an early Charlize Theron movie, Reindeer Games was released in 2000. In the movie, Charlie Theron fully makes fully of her charms to seduce a poor guy named Nick Cassidy so that he can be utilized to fulfill her conspiracy. Though just acted as a supporting role, Charlize Theron had done good enough to let us remember a beautiful woman with evil heart named Ashley.

In the movie, as the roommate of Nick Cassidy is killed, Nick decides to use cellmate's identity to get with his girlfriend. However, he later finds himself forced to participant in a casino heist. He also finds that all those things are planned by Ashley. She not only utilizes him but also those gangs with her beauty. Nick needs to find a way to help himself out.

2. Alieen in Monster

Monster DVD

With the image of Alieen, Charlize Theron successfully got Best Actress. Monster is produced on the basis of a true story about the notorious murders in American history. To make her more fit for the job, Charlize had to gain 30 pounds and make up as an ugly woman. However, her efforts had been paid back in Academy Awards.

The movie mainly tells the story of how Alieen becomes a killer after being abandoned by her parents and the society. When she wants to live a normal life, nobody is willing to help her. However, when being maltreated by a man, Alieen kills him accidentally and robs his money. After that, she can’t control her desire for blood. Alieen is definitely the most impressive evil image Charlize Theron has ever made.

3. Ravenna in Snow White and Huntsman

Snow White and Huntsman DVD

Snow White and Huntsman has gotten over 56.25 million dollars in box office. The achievement helps Snow White and Huntsman becomes the Charlize Theron movie with second highest box office in the beginning, only inferior to Hancock. However, Charlize Theron defeated Men in Black 3 which is a movie acted by her partner in Hancock, Will Smith with Snow White and Huntsman.

I believe no one is more qualified than Charlize Theron as Ravenna. In the movie, the evil queen will do what she can to kill the beautiful princess. In the movie, Ravenna sends a huntsman to kill Snow White. However, she finds the huntsman not only betrays her but also tries to train Snow White to fight against her. Then Ravenna does what she can to wipe out the opposed force.

Those are the three images in Charlize Theron movies. If you want to watch Monster or Reindeer Games with iPhone 4S, you may try to convert the DVDs to mp4 videos via DVD Ripper. For Snow White and Huntsman, you can download and convert relative YouTube clips.

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