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The History and Celebrations of Father’s Day

Father's Day 2012 will be celebrated on the third Sunday of this month. As an important day created to honor the greatness of fatherhood, Father's Day is of equal importance as Mother's Day to all children. At present, people usually express their honors to fathers with some best Father's Day gifts.

Father's Day

Fathers tend to express their love in a subtle way. Due to this, movies on father's love can always move audience and help people understand the great love of father. However, Father's Day is not as influential as Mother's Day in the world arena. This post will show you the history and celebrations of Father's Day to help you better understand this festival.

I. The history of Father's Day

Smart Dodd and Father's Day

1. In as early as 1910, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to create a day for fathers after hearing something about Mother's Day. She wanted to use this day to commemorate her great father who had reared six children alone.

2. In 1913, the bill on building a day for fathers in the nation was introduced to the Congress.

3. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson attended Father's Day celebration in Spokane. However, his proposal of creating Father's Day was rejected by the congress.

4. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge made Father's Day observed in the nation but failed to make it an official national festival.

5. In 1957, a senator blamed the Congress for ignoring Father's Day for 40 years.

6. In 1966, Father's Day was announced as a day to celebrate on the third Sunday of June by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

7. In 1972, Father's Day was made a permanent national holiday.

II. Celebrations of Father's Day

Father's Day celebrations

1. In United States, people will embed roses into their clothes. White rose means their fathers have passed away while red rose are used to wish their fathers live a healthy life. Also children will cook the breakfast and send the meal to fathers on Father's Day.

2. In Japan, children must send white rose to their fathers and bathe together with their fathers.

3. In Germany, man celebrates Father's Day by drinking beer all day long. They will drink with everyone they encounter. Of course, they will store beer for this day in advance.

4. In Canada, people prefer to use white lilac to show their honor to fathers.

5. In Spanish, people celebrate Father's Day on March 19th. On that day, people not only need to greet their parents but also every man named Jose because March 19th is also the birthday of Jesus's father.

Those are the history and celebrations of Father's Day. If you have any good ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

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