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3 Impressive Movies Acted by Lindsay Lohan

As a popular star, Lindsay Lohan has successfully shocked everyone with her tremendous changes instead of her performance. With rotten private life and ridiculous behaviors, Lindsay Lohan was regarded as a typical bad girl. As a 26-year old girl, Lindsay Lohan had left amazing crime history records in the police office that was far beyond our imagination.

Lindsay Lohan

As an alcohol addict, Lindsay Lohan loved to drive cars. Therefore, she was sent to prison for violating the traffic laws for numerous times. As a rich guy, she loved adventure and thrills. Consequently, she was punished for being a thief. In recent days, Lindsay Lohan is facing another trial for being a liar in an accident.

However, before all those things, Lindsay Lohan used to be an American idol. As a child star, Lohan had impressed people with her innocence. In her early days, she was a beloved singer for her beautiful voice. Even before she got Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress, she had made some impressive movies as well. This post will show you three impressive movies by Lindsay Lohan.

1. Mean Girls

Mean Girls DVD

In Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan acted as an innocent girl named Cady Heron who is good at mathematics. As a girl from South Africa, Cady later finds that all the survival rules she has learned in the jungle area will not work in the modern city. However, after joining in a team consists of popular girls, Cady's life has changed.

With the image of an innocent girl in the movie, Lohan had received Capri Awards. In Mean Girls, after she finds fame has changed her, she decides to safeguard her innocent nature. However, she probably wouldn't realize that she would choose the other way in real life. We can just hope one day Lindsay Lohan can make the right choice as Cady does.

2. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Confessions  of a Teenage Drama Queen DVD

This movie focuses on the story of a star fan. In Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Lindsay Lohan acts as a girl named Mary. When Mary moves to a new place, Mary tries every effort to draw people's attention. However, she needs to compete with a girl named Carla. In order to compete with her, Mary boasts she will go to the last concert of Stu Wolf.

Lohan does a great job playing the drama queen and for the most part her character is believable in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. She perfectly presents us the qualities of a drama queen: beautiful face, excellent dance and wonderful voice. In the movie, when Mary finds her idol is a heavy drunker, she manages to persuade him to quit drinking. However, in real life, Lohan had become another Wolf. Maybe she should watch this movie and accepted the advices of Mary.  

3. Just My Luck

Just My Luck DVD

In the world there are people with good luck and there are people with bad luck. In Just My Luck, Lindsay is the luckiest woman in the world while her love is the most unlucky guy in the world. When she swaps her fortune with his bad luck with a kiss, her life has changed.

As a romantic love movie, Just My Luck will bring you happiness and pleasure. However, like in the movie, Lohan had run out of her good luck in the real life. Since 2007, her life was surrounded by scandals, punishments, criticizes and drugs. Maybe Lohan needs to find who steals her luck in real life.

Those are the three impressive movies by Lindsay Lohan.If you want to know what a good actor Lohan used to be, you can watch those DVDs via DVD Player. However, for iPhone users, they can convert those DVDs to mp4 files for iPhone.

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