Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top 3 Most Impressive Racism Moves

In 1991, four cops had assaulted a black man named Rodney King. When someone recorded the whole process and uploaded the videos to the Internet, Riots were staged by the Blacks to fight against racism. Consequently, two out of the four cops were put into jail. This issue was also known as Rodney King beating.

In recent days, Rodney King has attracted people's attention after being found drown in the swimming pool at home. Actually Rodney King beating was just the tip of iceberg in the long history of racism. Racism had not only assassinated Dr King but also killed thousands of Jews in World War II.

Abraham Lincoln is perhaps the world's most well-known antiracism fighter who had brought freedom and liberation to the Black. This week, a movie named Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on the legendary president will be released. If you want to watch them, you can download those clips from YouTube.

Actually, various movies on racism have been made in recent days. Centered on racial discrimination, they all vividly present the poor situation of the Black in America. This post will present you top three most impressive racism movies.

1. Crash

Crash DVD

Crash had successfully beaten Brokeback Mountain to be the Best Motion Pictures winner. In Crash, racial discrimination exists everywhere. All the characters are executing racial behaviors after being discriminated. With 6.5 million dollars budget, Crash had received over 90 million dollars.

In this racist movie, a white man turns to be a racist after being refused by a black doctor; a district attorney put all his anger on a poor Mexican after being robbed by two black men and a black detective was forced to complete a dangerous task. Just as the name of the movie implies, crash exists everywhere in the modern society between different races.

2. American violet

American violet DVD

The racism movie is made based on a true story. American violet mainly tells a story about how a young black woman is put to jail for an alleged drug deal. Though no evidence shows she is involved in it, she is still jailed. Police gets her two choices, walk out as a criminal or stay in the jail as a suspect. In the end, the woman decides to fight against unjust racism.

The story happened in 2000 when the competition of presidential election was turning white. The woman named Dee was treated as a criminal instead of a suspect because she was a black woman. After long year fight, she had won the case which led to the revolutions on law system in Texas  

3. The Hurricane

The Hurricane DVD

The Hurricane tells about a story of how a boxer named Carter is wrong jailed for murder. He only has the chance to get out of prison if he can live for hundreds of years. In this racism movie, Carter writes a book in the prison to state his innocence which is warmly welcomed in the market. More and more people stand out to help him prove his innocence.

The Hurricane is also based on a true story in American. Carter was suspected and received unfair treatment for being a black. In order to vividly present the image of the character in the movie, the actor Denzel Washington had attempted to lose 60 pounds and practice boxing for months.

Movie is a reflection of the reality. With those three amazing racism movies, one can better understand the harm of racism. For those who want to watch them with The new iPad, they can convert the DVDs to mp4 files via DVD Ripper.

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