Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 3 Nicole Kidman Movies with the Highest Box Office Revenues

As a great Australian actress, Nicole Kidman has gained great success in Hollywood. Born on June 20 in 1967, Nicole is now encountering her 45th birthday today. In her acting career, Nicole had gained great various awards for her excellent performance including Academy Award for Best Actress.

However, in recent years, the career of Nicole Kidman is marching downhill. Many of the Nicole Kidman movies are viewed as disasters in box office performance. Consequently, Nicole has received a lot of criticizes. Her latest movie Trespass was pulled out of the cinema after only ten days for its poor box office performance.

We can just hope that Nicole Kidman can get out of those difficulties after her birthday and become the best actress again. Though many Nicole Kidman movies are proved as disasters in box office, there are still some that performs well in box office. To celebrate the birthday of Nicole Kidman, fans can watch the following three Nicole Kidman movies with highest box office revenues.

1. Happy Feet

Happy Feet DVD

It is irony that the most profitable Nicole Kidman movie is an animated movie starred by many other celebrities. As a movie released in 2006, Happy Feet not only was a winner for Best Animated Feature Film in Academy Awards but also a successor in movie market with over 384 million dollars income.

The movie tells about the story of how a dancing penguin is driven out of the home by the community for being unable to sing. After going through various adventures, the little penguin finally finds his value and outlooks. In Happy Feet, Nicole Kidman voiced for the mother of the little penguin named Norma Jean.

2. The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass DVD

The Golden Compass is a movie released in 2007. The box office revenue of the movie stopped at 375 million dollars. An interesting thing is that both the director and writer of the movie viewed Nicole Kidman as the perfect candidate for the role Marisa Coulter even before they decided to make the movie. In fact, Nicole had also proved that it is a right choice with her wonderful performance.

The Golden Compass mainly tells a story about how a girl named Lyra Belacqua accepts her destiny to rescue the world with a golden compass on her journey to look for those lost children. However, she never realizes that her parents are among the mysterious organization that has kidnapped those children.

3. Batman Forever

Batman Forever DVD

Superhero movies can always attract people's attention. As a 1995 movie, Batman Forever had gained over 336 million dollars in box office. Though the performance was good, it obviously could do better as a Batman movie. When you find that the movie is actually starred by Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey and Tom Lee Johns, the movie can be viewed as a failure to some extent.

Batman Forever is a movie about how Batman fights against Two-Face and The Riddler in order to protect the city. However, those two enemies are too powerful that Batman needs to seek for help from a psychologist as well as Robin. Of course, the psychologist is acted by Nicole Kidman.

Those are the top three Nicole Kidman movies with best box office performance. If you want to watch them via mobile to celebrate Nicole Kidman's birthday, you can convert the DVDs with DVD Ripper.

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