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Top 4 War Movies on Normandy Landings to Help You Know about D-Day

In order to liberate the mainland of Europe from Nazi, the allied invasion of Normandy was staged on June 6, 1944.Normandy landings was a significant turning point in the war history. After Normandy landings, allied forces had won one battle after another until Nazi's surrender. Nowadays, D-Day has become another name of Normandy landing.

D-Day as a military jargon refers to the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated. However, since the date of Normandy landings is the best known D-Day, people are using D-Day to indicate the date of Normandy landings. In order to honor this great day, many movies on Normandy landings had been made. Therefore, this post will show you top 3 war movies on Normandy landings to help you know about D-Day.

1. Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan DVD

As a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg, the movie is regarded as the best movie on Normandy landings. Starring by Matt Damon and Tom Hanks, the movie successfully gained over 47 million dollars in box office. Though it couldn't get the Best Motion Picture in Academy Awards, Saving Private Ryan is described by those veterans of Normandy battle as vividly present the cruelty of the war.

In the beginning of the movie are the scenes of Normandy landings where bullets fly in the sky and soldiers fall down one by one. Saving Private Ryan mainly tells about a story of how a group of soldiers led by Capt. John H. Miller try to go behind enemy line to save a soldier named Ryan whose three brothers are killed in the war.

For John Miller and his followers, every step he makes may become the last step of his life. As group members fall down one by one, he starts to wonder whether it is right to exchange many soldiers' lives for one soldier. However, he insists on the task and manages it. This movie is not only about D-Day, but also humanity.

2. The Longest Day

The Longest Day DVD

Before Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day was viewed as the best movie on D-Day. In order to make the movie as real as possible, the script writer spent ten years on searching relative information about D-Day. Also Maj. John Howard and Ranger at Ponte du Hoc were performed by veterans of D-Day. It was also said Dwight Eisenhower was also willing to act in the movie.

The Longest Day presents the scenes of Normandy landings in five separate invasion points. In order to make the movie impressive, the director describes the D-Day with the point of view from both allied forces and Germany soldiers. Besides that, The Longest Day surprised all the people with the starring of 42 international stars at that time. The movie got several prizes in the Academy Awards.

3. Female Agents

Female Agents DVD

It is weird to make a D-Day movie without focusing on the battle scenes of Normandy landings. It is even weird if the main characters are starred by females. However, Female Agents, as film centered on Female Agents, successfully surprise many without battle scenes. As a movie made on the basis of a true story, Female Agent will present you a historical event before D-Day.

In the movie, after a geologist is captured while inspecting the terrain features of Normandy, a group of agents receive the mission to save him. Led by Louise, those Female Agents have successfully completed their mission. However, after they know the plan of D-Day is found by a Germany office, they need to assassinate Heindrich to safeguard the success of D-Day.

Those are the best three movies on Normandy landings. With them, you can not only know the battles on D-Day but also things that happened before D-Day. If you want to watch them via iPhone 4S, you can convert those DVDs to mp4 files with DVD Ripper.

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