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Watch Top 3 Impressive Shia LaBeouf Movies to Celebrate His 26th Birthday

As a potential successor of Tom Hanks, Shia LaBeouf has achieved great success in recent years. The Transformers trilogy has made him one of the most popular actors in America in recent years. As a boy born in Echo Park area in Los Angles, he had to raise the family in an early age. However, those sufferings also had helped him to gain rich social experience which contributed a lot to his success.

Happy Birthday

Of course, his image as Sam Witwicky in Transformers trilogy had left a deep impression on everyone. In fact, besides that, Shia LaBeouf has also impressed us with his performance in some other movies. Since today is his 26th birthday, fans can celebrate it by watching his movies. Therefore, this post will show you top three impressive Shia LaBeouf movies to watch.

1. Transformers trilogy

Transformers trilogy DVD

The great success of Transformers trilogy has helped us to know Shia LaBeouf besides those car robots. As the only connection between car robots and human, Sam Witwicky always needs to risk his life saving mankind and protecting his robot friends. However, the image presented by Shia LaBeouf is not a Superman-style hero but an ordinary man with unwavering belief in justice.

In Transformers, as a timid high school student, Sam Witwicky happens to help save the world after encountering Autobots. In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Sam becomes a confused college student who determines to save Optimus Prime. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Sam becomes a real hero who is brave enough to fight against Decepticons alone.

The Transformers trilogy had successfully received over 2.7 billion dollars in box office. Moreover, the Transformers trilogy had witnessed the growth of Sam Witwicky as well as the progress of Shia LaBeouf's performance.

2. Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye DVD

As one of the most anticipated 2008 movie, Eagle Eye attracts people's attention with its excellent plot as well as the performance of Shia LaBeouf. In the movie, Sam Witwicky needs to help himself out of a huge conspiracy without the help of those car robots. The 1.78 million-dollar box office recipients had helped the producers to earn about 100 million dollars.

Eager Eye tells a story of how a man named Jerry Shaw becomes involved in an assassination after his brother dies in a military activity. He later finds that all his behaviors are under supervision. Therefore he needs to figure out a method to prove his innocence as well as find out the enemy. In Eagle Eye, you will see a total new Shia LaBeouf who is driven by the death every time.

3. Disturbia

Disturbia DVD

As a Hitchcock-style terror movie, Disturbia will surprise you with the ending. The movie mainly tells about the story of a naughty teenage under house arrest named Kale who is fond of watching other's secrets with his binoculars. One day after he witnesses a murder committed by his neighbor, he decides to investigate his neighbor.

In the first part of the movie, Disturbia just tells you a plain story. However, with the development of the plot comes the increasingly enhanced atmosphere. As the lives of his mother and girlfriend are threatened by the killer, Shia LaBeouf has to bear the mission to protect them. For a movie with a cost of 20 million dollars, it is good enough to get 80 million dollars in box office.

Those are the top three impressive Shia LaBeouf movies. If you are a movie fan, you can celebrate Shia LaBeouf's birthday by converting those DVDs so that they can be accessible for your portable devices like The new iPad.

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