Monday, July 2, 2012

3 Different Images of Teddy bear in 3 Excellent Movies

As one of the most favored cartoon characters, Teddy bear is probably the most popular bear in the world. Actually image of Teddy bear was created on the basis of the bear that Roosevelt refused to kill in a hunting activity. However, as more and more writers made its image much smaller and cuter, Teddy bear had become a favored toy for children just like Barbie dolls.

Due to the great success of Teddy bear, now the word is used to refer to all the toy bears with smooth and soft fur. With the rising reputation, Teddy bear had switched its role from an image in comics to a cartoon character and then to a movie star. So far, numerous movies on Teddy bear had been created which presented us different images of Teddy bear.

Generally speaking, the image of Teddy bear in the movies tends to be a cute, soft and funny bear. However, there are some movies that presented you different images of Teddy bear. Here the post will present you three different images of Teddy bear in excellent movies.

1. Funny and lovely friend in Artificial Intelligence: AI

Teddy bear in AI

 If you have ever watched Artificial Intelligence: AI, you will definitely be impressed by the image of funny and cute Teddy bear in the movie. As a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg, the movie mainly tells about how a little robotic boy named David starts his way to find the fair lady in order to become a real boy with a cute Teddy bear and another robot named Joe.

In the movie, Teddy bear accompanies all the way with his little friend. Though going through many difficulties and hardships, the talking Teddy never complains even a word to his friend about their sufferings. What he wants is just to help David to realize his dream. Teddy keeps the hairs of David's mother's which has been proved to be a great help to David. With the hairs, Teddy successfully helped his friend to spend a happy day with his mother.

2. Evil Boss in Toy Story 3

Teddy bear in Toy Story 3 As the most profitable animated cartoon in the world, the Pixar movie Toy Story 3 had gained great success in 2010. Toy Story 3 mainly focuses on the story of how Woody and his friends try to get out of a care center that is ruled by a Teddy bear named Lotso. Besides the performance of Woody and Buzz, the image of Lotso also helps the movie to gain great success.

Lotso, after being forgotten by his master, tries to make all the happy toys suffer from the pain he has once gained. Consequently, the evil-mind Teddy not only treats Woody with his kind appearance but also tries every effort to prevent other toys getting happiness. The hypocritical bear even lied to his friends so that they will hate all the happy toys as he does.

3. Vulgar bear in Ted

Teddy bear in Ted

 As a movie released recently, Ted has topped the box office list this week with 54.1 million dollars. Ted is mainly tells about how a man grows up with a talking Teddy and how the two friends go through the troubles of being adults. With the participation of cute Teddy, this movie is actually not a good recommendation for children because of the vulgar words in the movie.

Contrary to the traditional image of Teddy bear, Ted is actually a vulgar bear who always curses others with a punch of dirty words. The Teddy bear in Ted is more than a vulgar man with a cute face. Ted is just a realistic guy and even an erotic. All in all, Ted is definitely the most vulgar Teddy bear you have ever seen.

Those are the three different images of Teddy bear in three good movies. The DVD versions of Artificial Intelligence: AI and Toy Story 3 are available in the market. To watch them with your mobiles, you can convert the DVD for the mobile with DVD Ripper. As for Ted, you may download and convert the trails on YouTube.


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