Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 3 Evil Batman Villains in Batman Movies

Though affected by Colorado Shooting, the box office revenues of The Dark Knight Rises still amount to 161 million dollars in the first three days. As the ending movie of Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises earned both money and good reputations. Though inferior to The Avengers in the opening week performance, The Dark Knight Rises is quite promising to be the most profitable movie of the year.

If you are careful enough, you probably will find that behind every successful Batman movie stands an impressive evil Batman villain. Due to those Batman villains, the image of Batman had become much more impressive and heroic. In The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy perfectly impresses us with his evil image as a Batman villain. Therefore, this post will present you top three Batman villains in Batman series.

1. Bane by Tom Hardy

Bane by Tom Hardy

In the Comics, Bane may not be the most powerful Batman villain, but he is definitely the strongest Batman enemy. He broke Bruce Wayne's backbone which disabled the Batman. Therefore, in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy is still the strongest Batman villain with the desire to ruin the whole city. In the final fight against Batman, he loses in a narrow margin.

2. Joker by Heath Ledger

Joker by Heath Ledger

Though Joker present by Jack Nicholson is wonderful, I think this Batman villain starred by Heath Ledger is much more impressive. Though passed away in an earlier time, Heath Ledger still won his Academy Awards with his performance as Joker in The Dark Knight. Moreover, his images as Joker ranked second as the evilest villain in superhero movies.

Joker presented by Heath Ledge is an insane but intelligent man. He knows well about human's weakness as well as the method to utilize them to defeat his enemies and drive them crazy. He also makes Batman in The Dark Knight fall into deep agony. The image of Joke is so successfully that many people assert that the achievements of The Dark Knight Rises would have gone far beyond with another Heath Ledger.

3. Penguin by Danny DeVito

Penguin by Danny DeVito

Penguin is one of the earliest and most powerful Batman villains. Appeared in Batman Returns, Penguin had brought quite a lot of troubles to Batman. In the movie, Penguin feels self-contempt for his short body figure and his strange nose. Abandoned by his parents, Penguin has to live in the sewer.

However, his hate has made him a Batman villain who is not only irritable but also evil. He wants to destruct the whole city so that all the people can feel the agony he has suffered for years. He is also hypocritical who pretends to be a nice guy in public.

Those are the top three Batman villains in Batman movies. Since the DVD versions of Dark Knight Rises and Batman Returns are available, one can easily watch the DVDs on Google Nexus 7 by converting the DVDs to MP4 videos. For one thing they can enjoy the good performance of the Batman villains; for another, the operations are quite simple.

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