Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watch Top 3 Independence Day Movies to Know War of Independence

As one of the most important national festival, Independent Day is of great importance in American history. As an annual festival created to commemorate the launching of the United States as well as the great victory of American Revolution War, Independence Day is celebrated in the whole nation on July 4th. Nowadays, as Independence Day 2012 is approaching, various ideas on celebrating Fourth of July 2012 have been carried out.

When it comes to Independence Day, War of Independence is a topic one will never miss. It was through War of Independence that the United States finally gained freedom and began its way to the most influential country in the world. Due to the great influence of Fourth of July, various Fourth of July movies have been made. Here this post will present you top three of them. For those who want to watch them with mobiles, they can convert the DVDs for the mobiles.

1. The Patriot

The Patriot DVD

As a masterpiece by Mel Gibson, The Patriot had gained great success in 2000. The movie not only received over 200 million dollars in box office but also gained Best Motion Picture that year. The Patriot mainly focuses on the story of Benjamin Martin, a hero in the War of Independence, including how he took part in the war and how he fought in the war.

In the movie, Benjamin Martin is just a normal man who wants to live a peaceful life. However, as his house was burnt by British armies, he was forced to join in the war to take his revenges on those British men. If the nation is in turmoil, the lives of the citizens can't be guaranteed as well. The Patriot vividly presented the images of most Americans at that time who were forced to fight for freedom.

2. Revolution


Revolution is a 1985 movie starred by another superstar Al Pacino. In the movie, Al Pacino acted as a New York trapper named Tom Dobb. Tom had to participate in the War of Independence in the beginning to protect his recruited son. However as the war went on, he finally turned out to be a man who volunteered to devote his life to fighting for freedom.

Unlike The Patriot, Revolution is about the experience of an ordinary people. Though the movie was proved to be a commercial disaster, it was indeed a good movie. Besides the excellent performance of Al Pacino in Revolution, the movie in some moments brought us to the battlefield of American Revolution War.

3. The Crossing

The Crossing

As a movie released in 2000, The Crossing presents the images of the legendary leader of American Revolution War, George Washington. The movie shows audience how Washington leads his team to cross Delaware River and attacks the British forces at Trenton. This is a perilous gamble for American troops but Washington becomes the winner with his determination and bravery.

As a movie made based on Battle of Trenton, The Crossing won a Peabody Award for excellence in 2001. Moreover, it presents us the brave and wise images of George Washington who can always encourage his fatigue soldiers to fight for freedom.

Those are the top three Independence Day movies to help you know about War of Independence. The Patriot and Revolution can help you to understand the life of Americans at that time while The Crossing can vividly present you the image of George Washington and the cruelty of war.

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