Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top 3 Impressive Mermaid Images in the Movies

For centuries, arguing over the existence of so-called mermaid has never ceased. For many people, the only chance to get to know about mermaid is to read fairy tales. However, things have changed in recent days after Discovery Channel unveiled a video about mermaid. The video also known as Mermaids: The Body Found records how a teenage happens to find a mermaid on the beach. Of course, the video has brought out another heat discussion about mermaid.

However, though the mermaid in The Body Found is neither kind nor beautiful, supporters are still exciting because their opinion finally gets scientific proof. However, they may feel disappointed because the video has been proven to be a movie directed by Discovery. To some extent, the authentic scientific channel has tricked us with another mermaid movie.

While the discussion about mermaid continues, the image of mermaid has appeared in various movies. This post will present you top three impressive mermaid images in the movies. The DVD versions of those three mermaid movies are all available in the market. Therefore users can convert the DVDs to AVI files as a way to enjoy the movies with Google Nexus 7.

1. Innocent girl in The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid DVD

As an animation movie unveiled by Walt Disney Pictures in 1989, The Little Mermaid gained great success at that time. The movie not only helped Walt Disney Pictures to regain its position in the animation movie field, but also brought new vitality to Broadway. The Little Mermaid had gained over 100 million dollars in America alone. Due to its success, two more mermaid movies on the little mermaid had been made by Walt Disney Pictures.

The Little Mermaid is about the adventure of a mermaid princess who wants to get in touch with human beings. To pursuit her true love, the innocent girl makes a bet with the evil witch in exchange of her assistance. She has gotten three days to get her true love. If she fails, she will be slaved. Of course, the tricks of the witch can't prevent the innocent mermaid princess from acquiring her happiness.

2. Women in love in Splash

Splash DVD

Splash is a 1984 movie starred by famous actor Tom Hanks. In the movie, the mermaid comes to the modern city to live with her lover. However, as her secret is found by other people, she was taken to a research center for further studying. Finally, after she is rescued by her lover, they both jumped into the sea in order to get rid of the human world.

In Splash, the image of a mermaid with emotional specificity is quite impressive. After rescuing the boy, the mermaid falls in love with the boy. When the mermaid finds out that the man she rescues 20 years later is her lover, she decides to live with him in the modern society. Because of love, she needs to deal with all the discomforts and even spend 6 hours a day learning English.

3. Cruel creature in On Strange Tides

On Strange Tides DVD

As the latest member of Pirates of the Caribbean series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides gained great success in box office with over 1 billion dollars in box office. Though the movie mainly focuses on the story of Captain Jack's forced journey to find the fabled Fountain of Youth, mermaid plays an important part in the story.

In order to get to the destination, Jack needs the tears of mermaid. In the movie, the mermaid is described as a monster with beautiful face and sounds of Sirens. There are several scenes in the movie describing how mermaids seduce pirates with voice and then eat them all. The image of mermaid in On Strange Tide is similar to the combination of vampire and wolf. Actually the fighting scenes between pirates and mermaids are the most scaring scenes in On Strange Tides.

Those are the top three images of mermaid in the movies. The Little Mermaid presents us the image of a mermaid similar to what we have known from the fairy tales. Splash shows us the image of a brave and emotionally specific woman and On Strange Tides shows us the images of cold-blooded and monstrous mermaids.

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