Thursday, July 12, 2012

4 Impressive Images in Eddie Murphy Movies

A few months ago, Twitter tried to convince people that the famous comedian Robin Williams suffered death. Now again Twitter is spreading the hoaxed death of Eddie Murphy, another famous comedian. According to the fake news, Eddie Murphy hit a tree in a high speed after losing balance in a snowboarding attempt. Though the plot is kind of similar to Eddie Murphy movies, it still sounds too weird in real life.

Anyway, as a comedy actor, Eddie Murphy was probably the most successful one among all black actors. After suffered ups and downs in his acting career, Eddie Murphy had made tremendous improvement in his acting skills. Moreover, he is usually favored by producers because Eddie Murphy movies can always achieve successes in box office.

Among all Eddie Murphy movies, there are some that can impress you. Here the post will present you top four impressive images in Eddie Murphy movies. The DVD versions of the following four movies are available in the market. If you want to view them via Google Nexus 7, you can convert the DVDs for the Nexus 7.

1. Weird docr in Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle DVD

In Doctor Dolittle series, Eddie is a doctor who can communicate with animals. Therefore he could understand share his agony and happiness with all those animals. However, he is initially regarded as crazy and wired doctor because no one believes he can talk with animals. Dolittle always needs to find some ridiculous reasons to explain his weird behavior. Therefore, troubles and mistakes come to earn your laugh.

2. Annoying Donkey in Shrek

Shrek DVD

Who is the funniest guy in Shrek series? It is definitely Donkey. In Shrek movies, Shrek is the hero while Donkey is the comedian. The bothering Donkey can always make us laugh with his noisy voice and non-sense talking. Actually those are two advantages for the success of Eddie Murphy movies. When Eddie stops talking, people will fell the movie quite boring. The failure of A Thousand Words has proved this point.

3. Honest teacher in The Nutty Professor

The Nutty Professor DVD

Two images created by Eddie Murphy have helped The Nutty Professor to gain great success, a fat and honest one and a slim but obnoxious one. In the movie, Sherman creates a drug that can help him to be a slim man named Buddy. However, along with the changes in body come the changes in personalities.

Comparing to Buddy, the fat and honest image of Sherman is more impressive. The Nutty Professor and Norbit had proved that Eddie Murphy movies with fat Eddie were quite impressive.

4. Thief in Tower Heist

With the starring of Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller, Tower Heist was supposed to be something of a comedy movie. However, it is a serious movie focusing on how victims try to get their money back from a wealthy business man. In the movie, Eddie acts as a greedy thief who wants to keep the money to himself. In Tower Heist, Eddie does present us the image of a thief that we are familiar with in real life.

Those are the top four Eddie Murphy movies with impressive images. Eddie can always make you laugh you laugh with his witty words and strange behaviors in Eddie Murphy movies like Doctor Dolittle, Nutty Professor and Shrek. However, he can also present you serious images in his movie like Tower Heist.

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