Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top 3 Cartoon Images in the Live Action Movies

A live-action film is a motion picture that features a combination of real actors or elements: live-action and animated elements, typically interacting. In a live action movie, you can not only enjoy the performance of famous movie stars but also that of the cute cartoon characters. Therefore, live action movies are always favored by audience in the movie market.

Famous cartoon characters like Snoopy and Simpsons can always remind us of the time when we spent most of the time watching cartoon movies as small kids. Live action movies centered on those cartoon images can always convince us to buy a movie ticket for it. Consequently, various live action movies focusing on various cartoon images have been made in recent years.

Among all of those live action movies, some were proved to be successors in the movie market while movies like Astro Boy were really commercial disasters. Therefore, this post will present you top three cartoon images in the live action movies.

1. Bugs Bunny in Space Jam

Space Jam DVD

In Space Jam, one can not only see great Jordan, but also Bugs Bunny who is the humorous and witty bunny in our mind. Space Jam is mainly about a match between Bugs Bunny and the alien invaders who want to slave them. In a movie about basketball, the rookie player Bugs Bunny has successfully stolen the thunder with his wisdom and popularity.

As a movie made in 1996, Space Jam gained 200 million dollars box office income which can be viewed as a great performance. Moreover, you can both enjoy the excellent basketball skills of Michael Jordon and funny and witty acting of Bugs Bunny in the movie.

2. Garfield in Garfield series

Garfield DVD

Do you still remember the fattest cat in cartoon field? Even the fattest and laziest cat in the world can't sleep peacefully in live action movies. In Garfield, the cat needs to rescue his friend Odie and in Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, the cat needs to help a prince to gain his right back. With the funny performance of Garfield, those two live action movies received about 230 million dollars in box office.

Even in the live action movies, Garfield is still the cat who has no desire for any sports. In the movies, Garfield not only eats a lot and gains a lot of weigh but also loves to bully those newcomers like Odie. However, when friends need him, he will give them assistance regardless of how reluctance he is.

3. Teddy Bear in Ted


Have you seen a rude teddy bear? Have you seen a vulgar teddy bear? If you haven't, you can go to see Ted. Ted is about the story between a teddy bear and John who are good friends. However, John must make a choice between the teddy bear and his girl friend. The movie Ted gained great success and topped the ranking list last week.

In Ted, the teddy bear not only speaks like an adult but also behaves like one. He not only curses and fights others but also flirts with girls. However, you can't feel angry at such a cute cartoon image in this live action movie. The bear in Ted may not be a satisfying cartoon character but is definitely the most impressive cartoon image in all live action movies.

Those are the three cartoon images in the live action movies. For those who want to watch the first two movies with mobiles, they can convert the DVDs to 3GP/MP4 videos for mobiles. As for Ted, they can download corresponding trails on YouTube.

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