Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 3 Most Profitable Sandra Bullock Movies

As a famous movie actor, Sandra Bullock is a walking legend in Hollywood. As a first-time nominator, she successfully won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She also became the first actress who was given Oscar Statue, Golden Raspberry Award and Golden Globe Award in the same year. Moreover, with over 1.77 billion dollars income of all Sandra Bullock movies, she ranked second in box office performance among all the actresses, only inferior to Julia Roberts.

Working as an actor in all those years, Sandra Bullock had suffered major ups and downs in her acting career. Though she had started her success as a comedian, people soon got tired of her acting style. However, instead of shifting her roles, Sandra tried to attach vigor to her comedians. Consequently, those comedies had turned out to be the most profitable Sandra Bullock movies.

In recent years, Sandra had presented us one profitable Sandra Bullock movie after another. Therefore, this post will present you top three most profitable Sandra Bullock movies. Since the DVD version of those profitable Sandra Bullock movies are all available, one can watch those DVD movies on Google Nexus 7 by converting the DVDs to MP4 files.

1. The Blind Side

The Blind Side DVD

The Blind Side mainly tells about a story of how a kind mother decides to adopt a self-contempt black child, who happens to be a talented athlete. Finally, she helps the child, who is supposed to live in the slump like others, to gain promising future with her love and patience. Just as the title indicates, the movie is not only funny and interesting, but also carries profound meanings.

The Blind Side is the most profitable Sandra Bullock movie with over 255 million dollars in box office performance. It was also the movie that helped Bullock to rob Academy Award from Meryl Streep. Moreover, in this profitable Sandra Bullock movie, Sandra successfully showed the world her acting skills.

2. The Proposal

The Proposal DVD

With over 163 million dollars in box office, The Proposal became the second most profitable Sandra Bullock movie. Coincidentally, The Proposal was released in the same year as The Blind Side. The Proposal mainly focused on a story of how an editor named Margaret tried to stay in the US by a faked marriage with her workmate. However, later they fall in love with each other and get a genuine wedding.

3. Speed

Speed DVD

Speed was the movie that helped Sandra to begin her success in the 1990s. With over 144 million dollars in box office income, Speed still ranks third as the most profitable Sandra Bullock movie. Speed is mainly about a story of how a young officer named Jack manages to save all the passengers on the bus with bombs. He needs to locate the robber while driving the bus in a high speed.

As a thrilling movie, Speed will astound people with the excellent plot and dangerous situations in the movie. It is a movie that can belt audience to the seats from the beginning to the end. Moreover, as a profitable Sandra Bullock movie, Speed not only made Sandra and Kenau famous, but also the director who happened to be a green hand.

Those are the top three most profitable Sandra Bullock movies. Speed helped Sandra to gain her reputation while The Blind Side helped Sandra to gain Academy Award. If you have got any better ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

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