Monday, July 23, 2012

Philip Hoffman Surprises You with 3 Different Images

With steady progress, Philip Hoffman finally gained his success in Hollywood. From various supporting roles to main heroes, Hoffman finally earned his reputations in the movie field with his excellent acting skills. In the 1990s, he was just a student in Scent of a Woman, a man with a few lines in The Talented Mr. Ripley and a personal assistance in The Big Lebowski. However, pretty soon, Philip Hoffman will be the major evil boss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The experience as supporting roles not only failed to cover his thunder but also improved his acting skills. With abundant movies, Philip Hoffman has presented us one impressive image after another. Moreover, it is more surprising that those images are quite different from each other. Nowadays, the Oscar winner has become one of most promising and favored actors in the movie field.

Today as Philip Hoffman is welcoming his 45th birthday, this post will present you three Philip movies with amazingly different images. Since the DVDs versions of those movies are available at present, fans can enjoy the DVDs on HTC Evo 3D by converting the DVDs to MP4 videos.

1. Agony writer in Capote

Capote DVD

If it were not for Capote, Philip Hoffman wouldn't have gained so many prizes. Capote not only helped him to gain Academy Award for Best Actor, but also helped him to gain unprecedented reputations in the movie field. Capote was a turning point in Hoffman's career as well as a movie that gave out all the energies of Hoffman.

Capote is made based on the autobiography of the famous writer Capote. In the movie, the hero tries to investigate a murder case so as to complete an innovative novel. In order to make his novel real and attractive, he often talks with the suspect who will be hanged one day. However, the writer feels agony when facing choices between saving the boy and completing his book. In the movie, Hoffman perfectly presents us the controversial feelings of Capote.

2. Stubborn coach in Moneyball

Moneyball DVD

As a movie starred by Brad Pitt and Hoffman, Moneyball gained over 100 million dollars in box office recipients. The movie is made on the basis of a legendary season of Oakland A. In the movie, when the manager tries to build a team according to computer-generated analysis, he is laughed by all. However, his reform finally helps the team to win as many matches as Yankee with much lower budgets.

In Moneyball, Philip Hoffman acts as a stubborn coach who will not try the innovations brought by the manager. To insist his opinion, he even ignores the warnings from the manager. He will just insist his own opinions though his team is losing in a large margin. In the end, the manager has to sell whoever he can in order to force the coach to adopt his advices. To be honest, the image of the coach by Hoffman is impressively dull and annoying.

3. Innovative preacher in Doubt

Doubt DVD

Though Hoffman is stubborn in Moneyball, he turns out to be quite innovative in Doubt. In the movie, the preacher, starred by Hoffman, tries to make the dull church as vigorous as possible which leads to the conflicts between him and an old sister. Later he is involved with a scandal about obscuring a black child.

Finally the movie ends up with the preacher leaves the church and the sister regrets for lying. Though the ending doesn't reveal us whether the preacher performs as the scandal describes or not, Hoffman successfully impressed us with his evil, kind and crafty image as an innovative preacher.

Those are the Philip Hoffman movies with three different images. Capote presents you the agony of the write while Moneyball and Doubt will display you a stubborn image and an innovative image respectively. Therefore, through those movies, one can get to know the actor Philip Hoffman, a master of acting.

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