Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Impressive Movies Starred by Mr. Holmes

In most occasions, people get no idea of who Benedict Cumberbatch is. However, when they are told that Benedict Cumberbatch acts as Mr. Holmes in Sherlock, the TV series produced by BBC, people soon found that they are actually familiar with this actor. However, as a rising star in the movie field, Benedict gained his success step by step.

Mr. Holmes started his acting career in as early as 1998. In most of the time, he was acting as a supporting role in the movies. However, with those working experience, Benedict Cumberbath had made tremendous improvements in his acting skills. The year 2010 was a focal point in his life where he was given the role as Mr. Holmes in Sherlock. From then on, the acting career of Mr. Holmes has become better and better.

Since Benedict Cumberbatch is welcoming his 36th birthday, this post will present you three impressive movies starred by Mr. Holmes. The DVD versions of those movies are available in the market so that Sherlock fans can convert the DVDs to RMVB files as a way to enjoy 3D movies on Google Nexus 7.

1. Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace DVD

With just 26 million dollars in box office, Amazing Grace isn't a commercial success. However, this movie is a quite impressive and moving one. Amazing Grace mainly focuses on the politic battles between William Wilberforce and the parliament members. To make transatlantic slave trades illegal, Wilberforce has tried whatever he can. Though Wilberforce is viewed as a geek by all politicians, he never gives up.

On watching Amazing Grace, you will not only be moved by the theme song but also by the spirits of Wilberforce. As for Mr. Holmes, he acts as the youngest British Prime Minister in history William Pitt. In the movie, though Pitt supports Wilberforce, he cares more about his political career than the fate of slaves. Luckily, Mr Holmes successfully presents us the inner struggles of Pitt with his performance.

2. War Horse

War Horse DVD

As the latest movie presented by famous director Steven Spielberg, War Horse gained great success with over 100 million dollars income and several nominations for Academy Awards. War Horse mainly tells several stories about World War II from the perspective of a horse. In the movie, the horse witnesses the both cruelty of the war and the love and friendship of mankind.

Mr Holmes acts as a British soldier who happens to be the second owner of the horse in War Horse. However, he soon loses his life in a careless and even fool attack. However, Mr. Holmes has successfully impressed us with the image of a friendly and gentle patriot who is also a horse lover in limited time.

3. Sherlock

Sherlock DVD

How popular is Sherlock? When Sherlock was available, news about Sherlock was tweeted for thousand times. Besides that, the plots of Sherlock stirred debates in the parliament and the clothing of Mr Holmes became the most fashionable style. So far, six episodes of Sherlock are available. Pretty soon, BBC will present us another three episodes.

Sherlock focuses on the adventure of Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective created by Conan. However, unlike the novel, the cases in Sherlock occur in the modern time. With the excellent performance of Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock gained great successes in all those years. Though the image of Mr. Holmes in Sherlock is quite different from that of the novel, Benedict's bolding attempt was praised as innovative.

Those are the three movies presented by Mr. Holmes. Though Benedict only acted as supporting roles in War Horse and Amazing Grace, he successfully impressed us with his acting skills. With Sherlock, Mr. Holmes had pushed his acting career to a higher level.  

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