Monday, August 20, 2012

Best 3 Profitable Movie Series of Lion Gate Film

How popular can The Hunger Games be? According to Amazon, the book sale of The Hunger Games trilogy had surpassed Harry Potter series. Moreover, the DVD sale of The Hunger Games is promising to exceed that of The Avengers. As a movie produced by Lion Gate Film, The Hunger Games turns out to be the biggest surprise in the movie market this year.

When it was released, The Hunger Games successfully attracted the world's attention. Several months later, The Hunger Games DVD was still eye-catching. Due to the great success of The Hunger Games, Lion Gate Film intends to produce another three sequels in three years. Consequently, The Hunger Games turns out to be another profitable series movie of Lion Gate Film and probably the most profitable one.

Therefore, this post will introduce you top three movie series produced by Lion Gate Film, which are quite influential in the market. Since the DVD versions of those movie series are mostly available, one may just as well watch those DVDs on Samsung Note 10.1 by converting the DVDs to MP4 videos.

1. Profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film: Saw series

Saw Collection DVD

As a profitable movie series, Saw series was the primary movie series of Lion Gate Film before The Hunger Games series. Since the success of Saw in 2004, Lion Gate Film had produced a new Saw movie each year till 2011. Therefore there are seven movies in Saw series so far. All the seven movies are about the stories of how a talented killer tried to help victims to execute soul redemption after going through various tortures.

Though the plot of each Saw movie differ, they will turn out to be an integrated story when connecting them together. For example, the first movie may lay a good foundation for the seventh movie and the seventh movie may explain those untold things in the third movie. However, though each Saw movie can present you surprises, seven movies in seven years is still far from tolerable.

2. Profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film: Cube series

Cube DVD

When it was release in 1997, Cube earned good reputations with its excellent plot and wonderful atmosphere. Consequently, two more movies were released, making Cube trilogy profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film. In the three Cube movies, the heroes were trapped in a weird structure. As they try to escape they need to fight against the traps and their evil minds. Cube trilogy includes movies that will bring you into deep thoughts about human weakness after your watching.

3. Profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

It is said four The Hunger Games movies instead of three movies will be produced in the future. Catching Fire will be released in 2013 while Mockingjay will be divided into two movies released in 2014 and 2015 respectively. With over 600 million dollars in box office, The Hunger Games created various records as the first movie of a movie series. Consequently, the sequels of The Hunger Games bear much more pressure at present.

After three books of The Hunger Games beat seven books of Harry Potter, people are expecting The Hunger Games trilogy will beat Harry Potter series in the future. However, it is not an easy task providing the director of The Hunger Games has refused to direct its sequels. Amony the three movies of The Hunger Games, only the DVD version of The Hunger Games is available.

Those are the three profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film. If you are careful enough, you can find the common points of all those movies series. For one thing, they are all about killing and competition; for another, they have revealed us the human defects in various ways.      

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