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Top 5 Most Anticipated 2012 Fall Movies from September to November

Along with the coming of Back to School season comes the ending of prosperous 2012 summer movie market. After reviewing the extraordinary entertaining experience provided by those most anticipated 2012 summer movies, movie fans needs to focus on those most anticipated 2012 fall movies that will be released soon. Though they may not as attractive as summer movies as a whole, there are always some fall movies that earn both profits and reputation.

While most blockbusters aim at the summer movie market for its large potential market, some good movies choose to employ a win-win strategy by releasing in fall. Consequently, those fall movies can always perform outstanding in the market. In the next two months, there are also some most anticipated 2012 fall movies being released. Of those 2012 anticipate fall movies, there are new movies, sequels and movie remakes. Therefore, this post will present you top five most anticipated 2012 fall movies from September to November.

1. Bachelorette

As one of the most well-known dating game show, Bachelorette is favored by most Americans since its release in 2003. Therefore, basing on this TV program, the movie remake, Bachelorette, turns out to be a most anticipated 2012 fall movie.

The 2012 fall movie mainly tells about the stories of the fighting between three bridesmaids before and after a wedding. Bachelorette is anticipated for several reasons: support of Bachelorette, genre as a 2012 black humor movie and the funny story. However, it may also suffer the same fate of Sex and the City, a movie remade from a famous American TV show.

2. Resident Evil: Retribution

As a most anticipated 2012 fall movie, Resident Evil: Retribution is the sequel and probably the ending of Resident Evil series. Available in September 14, this fall movie focused on the fighting between Alice and Umbrella Corporation. To better understand the plot of the movie, audience who haven't watched Resident Evil series may just as well watch the DVDs with Google Nexus 7. There are also several things to anticipate for this fall movie including the acting of the Chinese actress and the new character named Leon Kennedy.

3. Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie is a most anticipated fall movie directed by Tim Burton. Tim Burton movie never fails to make full of Gothic features. Therefore, Frankenweenie is destined to provide audiences a creepy and horrible atmosphere. Basing on the famous novel Frankstain, Frankenweenie is about the horrible story of a scientist and his man-made dog. Actually it is a movie similar to Corpse Bride, a successful horror movie directed by Tim Burton, in style. Here are the some anticipating points for the movie: Corpse Bride vs Frankenweenie, Tim Burton horror movie and special animation effects.

4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

As the sequel of Twilight series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is actually the most anticipated 2012 fall movie. Due to the success of Twilight series, making Vampire movie became a trend in a certain period. Therefore, as the ending of Twilight series, no one will doubt the popularity as well as the performance of this fall movie. Breaking Dawn Part 2 focuses on the story of Bella and Edward's attempts to protect the children from the Volturi. Luckily the fall movie will be available in November 12.

5. Lincoln

Of all the three Lincoln movies released in 2012, two have failed to draw much attention. Therefore, Lincoln seems to be the only chance to help the US President win the war in movie market. As a most anticipated 2012 fall movie, Lincoln is actually directed by Steven Spielberg. Moreover, it is said that this is a movie that Steven intends to make for years. In order to stir audiences' curiosity, not many details have been released by the producer. Therefore, to know this fall movie better, movie fans have to enter the cinema on November 16.

Those are the top five most anticipated 2012 fall movies available from September to November. Of course, there are some other excellent 2012 fall movies that may have not been covered by this post. Therefore, for better ideas on this, you are welcomed to share your thoughts in the message board.

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