Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Top 3 Back to School Movies on Identity Crisis of Students

As 2012 summer vacation draws to an end, it is time for all students to go back to school. After spending an impressive summer vacation with the help of London Olympics 2012 and various summer movies, students need to prepare for the campus life in the new semester which provides them both challenges and opportunities.

After going back to school, most students will face various difficulties in the new semester. Therefore, to live a happy campus life, back to school tips are quite necessary. Among all those difficulties, identity crisis comes first. Moreover, due to the serious situation of identity crisis of students, various movies have been made on this topic.

Therefore this post will present you top 3 back to school movies who are unanimously focusing on the topic of identity crisis of students. While the DVD versions of those movies are all available, one may easily watch those back to school movies via Google Nexus 7 by converting the DVD files to MP4 videos. Moreover, one may even find corresponding tips on identity crisis in those back to school movies.

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD

This back to school movie mainly focuses on the campus life of a boy named Greg. After going back to school with the expectation for being popular in the class, Greg surprisingly finds that everything just goes to the opposite side. After suffering identity crisis, he loses his friend for being a jerk. However, Greg successfully gets out of the identity crisis in the end.

In the beginning of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg falls into identity crisis because he thinks fame and reputation is most important in the school days. However, as he moves on, he finally realizes friendship is much more important. Just like Greg, all the students have to find out those things they treasure in the school days in order to get rid of identity crisis.  

2. The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries DVD

As a back to school movie, The Princess Diaries mainly focuses on the change of a normal girl's life after she becomes a princess. However along with the gaining fame comes the identity crisis. Suddenly the princess has lost all her friends and she has no idea of her identity in the world. Of course, in the end the princess beats identity crisis and wins friends' trust back.

Just like Mia, most students will get into identity crisis after turning popular in the campus. Like Mia, they may find that the raising fame brings them more troubles than happiness. Therefore, following suit to gain fame in the school won't help the students out of identity crisis, finding their favored lives do.

3. The Waterboy

The Waterboy DVD

The Waterboy is an encouraging campus movie about how a waterboy turns out to be a superstar in the campus football team. In this back to school movie, Robert is a waterboy in a college. However, after being viewed as a talented football player by a coach, he decides to go back to school to attend the campus team. Of course, he suffers from identity crisis in the campus days as a 31-year-old student. Luckily, he beats the identity crisis in the end.

Those are the top three back to school movies focusing on identity crisis of students. In those back to school movies, the heroes all suffered from identity crisis and beat the crisis after going back to school. Therefore, one may get some advices on beating identity crisis via those back to school movies.

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