Monday, August 13, 2012

Top 4 Back to School Nightmares in Campus Movies

Along with the ending of 2012 London Olympic closing ceremony, 2012 summer vacation is about to end. Pretty soon, those students will go back to school to start a new semester where they may meet various difficulties. To this extent, back to school tips for the new back to school season is of great importance. Moreover, students must learn to deal with various difficulties in campus days.  

So far, various campus movies have been made which have vividly shown us the campus lives of the students. Students can not only get various tips from those campus movies but also get to know the back to school nightmares they may face. Therefore, this post will present you top 4 back to school nightmares in campus movies. Since the DVD versions of those campus movies are available, Lumia 900 users may just as well play the campus movies by converting the DVD files to MP4 videos.

1. Scaring roommate in The Roommate

The  Roommate DVD

It is a real nightmare if you find your roommate is actually a psycho because you have to face him all the time. This is exactly what has happened to Sara in The Roommate. In this campus movie, since her roommate is a lesbian and has a crush on Sara, she decides to kill all the people who maybe loved by Sara. In the end, she even tries to kill Sara so that they two can be together forever. This is really a back to school nightmare once you get a roomie like that.

2. Tough coach in Coach Carter

Coach Carter DVD

If you are playing for the school team, the worst nightmare for you is probably meeting a coach like Carter in Coach Carter. In this campus movie, Carter is a basketball coach who not only demands his players to be excellent in sports but also in studying. Once they fail to do it, Carter will close the basketball stadium. Therefore, his players have to study hard even though they are exhausted in the training.

Though his requirement raises great controversies at that time, Carter helps his team members to gain promising future. Therefore, though a tough coach brings students a back to school nightmare, they will find it a sweet dream in the end.

3. Crazy teacher in Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society DVD

What do you feel about a teacher who always asks you to do things that are forbidden by the school rules? It is a completely back to school nightmare. In Dead Poets Society, a school teacher named Keating not only teaches students to ruin books but also advices them to sneak out of the school at night. For a bunch of students in an old-fashioned school, they believe those thoughts are just like walking in the sky.

However, in this campus movie, it is this crazy teacher who teaches his students to be innovative and creative and makes them independent. Therefore, it is not so bad to have a back to school nightmare like this.

4. Ghost haunting campus in Urban Legend

Urban Legend DVD

What can be more frightening than living in a campus full of mysterious legends? Urban Legend is a back to school nightmare to live in a ghost haunting campus where people die accidentally one by one. In this campus movie, Natasha is studying in a campus where massacres once happened. Therefore there are various legends about a forbidden area in the campus. When the friends of Natasha are killed one by one, Natasha needs to find out the truth behind the murder.

Those are the top four back to school nightmares in campus movies one may encounter. Among them, some are life-threating while others are of great benefits. For any better ideas on this topic, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

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