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Top 3 Sylvester Stallone Movie Roles in 3 Action Movie Series

As one of the best action movie stars of all time, Sylvester Stallone has provided us various impressive action movie series. In recent days, his latest movie, The Expendables II, had successfully dominated the movie market with over 28.6 million dollars in three days. Moreover, Sylvester Stallone seems to be born with the talent to attract the audience with his action movie series. From Rocky movie series to The Expendables saga, Stallone action movie series seldom fail to earn profits and good reputations.

Moreover, Sylvester Stallone is not that kind of guy with strong body but simple mind. He also gained great success as a movie writer and movie director. However, all impressive Stallone movie roles are limited to characters in Stallone action movie series, making him a good actor merely in action movies.

Therefore, this post will present you top three Stallone movie roles in three action movie series. Since most DVDs of those action movie series are available, one may watch those movies on android devices by converting the DVDs to MP4 files.

1. Rocky in Rocky movies

Rocky DVD

As successful action movie series, Rocky movies helped Sylvester Stallone to gain extraordinary and reputation. Starting from Rocky, Stallone began his way to be a famous action movie star. There are six Rocky movies which unanimously focus on the struggling of boxer Rocker against other famous boxers. In general, Rocky movies not only provide you excellent fighting scenes but also inspiring plots.

Rocky is probably the most impressive movie role Stallone ever provides us. Rocky is not only robust in body but also strong in mind. In Rocky movies, Stallone successfully presented us the image of a confident fighter who never give in to the cruel reality. In fact, the character Rocky was initially created by Stallone. No wonder, he could make Rocky so impressive.

2. Rambo in First Blood series

Rambo DVD

First Blood series is probably the most favored action movie series of all time. This movie series includes four movies which all focus on the adventures and fighting of a veteran named Rambo. In First Blood, Rambo fights against the local cops who maltreat him. In Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo gets the mission to save hostages in Vietnam. In Rambo III, Rambo goes to Thailand to rescue Trautman. In Rambo, Rambo goes to Vietnam again to rescue some mercenaries.

First Blood series gained great success for its excellent plot, exciting fighting and profound meaning. In this action movie series, Rambo is a hero who can always survive under harsh conditions. With strong sense for justice, Rambo tends to wipe out all evils by a violent way, killing. Moreover, Rambo is that kind of movie role who faces loneliness and goes through pains and agony on their own.

3. Barney Ross in The Expendables saga

The Expendables DVD

The Expendables sage is probable the action movie series Stallone cares most. With this sage, Stallone wants to prove to the world he is not an out-of-date action movie star. So far there are two The Expendable movies available in the market. The Expendable focuses on the story of how a group of soldiers try to prevent a conspiracy planned by a former CIA agent and The Expendable II is about a story of how the group tries to protect the nuclear source.

The biggest attracting point lies in the gathering of famous action movie stars including Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li. In this sage, Barney Ross is the leader of the group who is a lonely guy. Ross fears no losses except his car, plane and his teammates. Moreover, Ross is a cynic with considerable thoughts.

Those are the top three Stallone movie roles in action movie series. When comparing Rocky, Rambo and Ross together, one can find some common points among them. They are all good fighters, kind of cynic and lonely in heart.  

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