Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 5 Impressive Summer Olympic Movies

As the host with two successful bids, London once again presented the world its innovation and creativity with its wonderful 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Needless to say, as the most successful sports feast, London Olympics 2012 has successfully dominated the headlines of major newspapers and websites with its latest news. Moreover, as the sports event held every four year, Olympic Games can always stir our passion towards sports events.

Of course, the great influence of Summer Olympics also extends to other fields like gaming and movie. Not only are various Olympic Games available but also various Summer Olympic movies. Generally speaking, those Summer Olympic movies are almost based on the true story of certain athletes. Those Summer Olympics movies mainly focus on the stories of the heroes' struggling to win Summer Olympic events.

While the competition of London Olympics 2012 is turning white hot, this post will present you top five impressive Summer Olympic movies to help you better understand the spirits and history of Olympic Games. Moreover, those Summer Olympics movies are all available on YouTube. Therefore, if you want to watch them with android mobiles, you can watch the YouTube videos online with Adobe Mobile Flash or offline by converting the YouTube file to MP4 video for android mobiles.

1. Chariots of Fire

The movie mainly focuses on the stories of two athletes: a Jewish runner who desires to win the Olympic match to win honor and respect and a Christian who wants to win to please the God. Though the two athletes own two attitudes towards sport event, they both win their matches in the end. Moreover, Chariots of Fire gained quite a lot Academy Awards.

2. Munich

As a movie based on the famous incident in Olympic history, Munich mainly focuses on the terrorist attack in 1972 Olympic Games. Directed by Stephen Spielberg, Munich not only presents us the whole plot of the massacre but also reveals us the responses towards the incident from all respects. It is a movie that helps you understand Olympics from a totally different perspective.  

3. Without Limits

Without Limits is a movie focuses on the lifetime of a talented runner named Steve Prefontaine. In this Summer Olympic movie, Steve is an excellent runner who loses in an Olympic competition for being too arrogant. However, after deciding to compete for the Olympic match under his wife's encouragement, he dies in a car accident before the Olympic Games.  

4. Running

Unlike other Summer Olympic movies, Running isn't a movie based on a true story. In this Olympic movie, the character named Michael Andropolis is a marathon runner. Though Michael breaks up with his wife and is despised by his children, he believes he is able to save his marriage and reputation by winning the Olympic event. Therefore, though he is badly wounded in the match, he still manages the whole competition.

5. Running Brave

Running Brave is a Summer Olympic movie about how an underdog athlete surprisingly wins the racing in the Tokyo Olympic Games. In Running Brave, Bill Mills is a runner who performs poor in the match. However, with his continuous practice and his coach's encouraging, he finally gains his success.

Those are the top five Summer Olympic movies to help you enjoy Olympics during 2012 London Olympic Games. Moreover, most of those Summer Olympic movies are made based on the true story in Olympic history. For better ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

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