Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 5 Most Profitable Ben Affleck Movies

Since a small child, Ben Affleck desired to be a famous actor. Later, he encountered and friended Matt Damon, who was well known for the performance in Bourne trilogy. In order to pursuit his dream as an actor, Ben Affleck even quitted from the university in youth. With endless efforts and firm faith, he finally gained great success in Hollywood.

As a famous movie star, Ben Affleck had gone through major ups and downs. Though several his movies are viewed as box office bombs, most of Ben Affleck movies were money-earning. Through those profitable Ben Affleck movies, he not only gained profits but also good reputations. Therefore this post will present you top five most profitable Ben Affleck movies. Since the DVD versions of those profitable Ben Affleck movies are available, one can watch those DVDs via mobile by converting the DVDs to popular videos.

1. Armageddon

Armageddon DVD

As the most profitable Ben Affleck movie, Armageddon is about how a group of heroes tries to save the Earth by blow an approaching stone. The movie is not only starred by Ben Affleck but also Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler. In the movie, Ben Affleck acts as an excellent oil driller who bears the mission to plant the bomb to the core of the aerolite.

Armageddon helped movie maker to gain over 201 million dollars in box office, the best performance of all profitable Ben Affleck movies. Though the performance of Ben Affleck is quite impressive in the movie, Bruce Willis is the real shining star in the movie.  

2. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor DVD

With 198 million dollars in box office, Pearl Habor ranked second among all profitable Ben Affleck movies. Setting World War II as the background, Pearl Habor mainly tells the sufferings of three friends before and after Pearl Harbor Attack. In the movie, Ben Affleck is a soldier who needs to depart with lovers, fight with his best friend and witness his death of best friend. From his acting in Pearl Harbor, Ben started his promising future.

3. Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting DVD

Ben is not only an actor of this profitable Ben Affleck movie but also a writer. The plot of Good Will Hunting is created by Ben and his friend, Matt Damon. Consequently, the movie gained over 138 million dollars in box office. Good Will Hunting is about how a talented but lost man finally gained his faith and goal. In the movie, Ben Affleck starred as the best friend of Matt Damon who helped him to get through identity crisis.  

4. Daredevil

Daredevil DVD

Daredevil is superhero movie focusing on the story of a blind lawyer who happened to be a superhero at night. After beating famous actors like Matt Damon and Mark Walberg, Ben got the part as Matt Murdock. The box office performance of this profitable Ben Affleck movie stopped at 120 million dollars. Moreover, Daredevil was a February movie with second highest performance.   

5. The Town

The Town DVD

As a 2010 movie, The Town gained over 92 million dollars in box office. It is a movie about the stories of a long-time robber after an early heist. In this profitable movie, Ben not only needs to plan for one robbery after another, but also deal with his love affairs with a bank manager. Moreover, Ben Affleck is also the director and writer of the movie.     

Those are the top five most profitable Ben Affleck movies. Of course movies like Shakespeare in Love where Ben merely acts as a supporting role are not taken into consideration. Since today is the birthday of Ben Affleck, it is not a bad choice to celebrate it by watching those Ben Affleck movies.  

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