Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 4 Differences between Bourne Trilogy and The Bourne Legacy

After dominating the movie market for three successive weeks, The Dark Knight Rises finally made way for a new winner, The Bourne Legacy which was also known as the latest member of the Bourne movies. Due to the great successes of Bourne trilogy, The Bourne Legacy had lured increasing attentions before its release. However, it seems that The Bourn Legacy is now facing the same fate of The Dark Knight Rises who had failed to win its predecessor, The Dark Knight.

Generally speaking, The Bourne Legacy is quite different from Bourne trilogy in many respects. When one makes a general comparison between The Bourne Legacy and Bourn trilogy, he will easily discover their differences. Therefore this post will present you top 4 differences between The Bourne Legacy and Bourne trilogy.

1. Plot: Bourne-oriented vs new plot

Bourne trilogy vs The Bourne Legacy

Bourne trilogy mainly focuses on the adventures and fighting Bourne on his way to discover his identity. In another word, the plots of those three Bourne movies are Bourne-oriented. In Bourne Identity, Bourne conflicts with the CIA; in Bourne Supremacy, Bourne takes revenges on those murders that have killed his wife; in Bourne Ultimatum, Bourne has to fight against a secret organization named Blackbriar.

However, the latest Bourne movie, The Bourne Legacy will present people a total different movie where Bourne never shows up. The Bourne Legacy mainly focuses on the adventure of a secret agent named Aaron who has to face the stakes caused by Bourne. When watching The Bourne Legacy, it is better to forget everything about Bourne trilogy.

2. Director: Doug Liman vs Tony Gilroy

Doug Liman vs Tony Gilroy

Bourne trilogy is directed by Doug Liman, the same director of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Due to his great talent, Bourne trilogy gained great success in the past few years. Moreover, he had attached unique style to the Bourne movies. It is fair to say that what Doug Liman to Bourne movies is what Christopher Nolan to Batman movies.

However, The Bourne Legacy is directed by a new director named Tony Gilory who is actually the writer of the Bourn movie series. Therefore, the shooting style of The Bourne Legacy is quite different when compared to that of Bourne trilogy.

3. Actor: Matt Damon vs Jeremy Renner

Matt Damon vs Jeremy Renner

Who can deny the great significance of Matt Damon to Bourne trilogy? To many audiences, Matt Damon was the only Bourne in their hearts. Consequently, after Mart Damon had refused to act in the new Bourne movie, the filmmaker had to make up a new story which was partial related to Bourne. The image of Bourne given by Matt Damon was a tough guy who could always survive in extreme harsh conditions.

As for The Bourne Legacy, it was casted by Jeremy Renner who had impressed audiences with his excellent performance in The Avengers. Moreover, Jeremy Renner has successfully presented audience a new character different from Bourne. However, though Aaron is not as tough as Bourne or as wise as Bourne, he is at least as brave as Bourne.

4. Opening performance: Surprise vs Disappointment

When a new member of Bourne trilogy was released, it could always brought surprise to the filmmaker with box office performance in the opening weekend. Bourne Identity gained 27.11 million dollars, Bourne Supremacy 52.52 million dollars and Bourne Ultimatum 69.28 million dollars. However, the opening performance in box office of The Bourne Legacy only reached to 40.27 million dollars far less than the estimated 45 million dollars.

Therefore, those are the four major differences between Bourne trilogy and The Bourne Legacy. With new director, new actor and new plot, The Bourne Legacy will definite bring you a different Bourne movie. To watch Bourne trilogy on The new iPad, one can convert the DVDs to MP4 videos. To watch The Bourne Legacy, one needs to go to the cinema.

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