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Christmas Movie Collection - Top 5 Christmas Animated Movies

After waving good-bye to Thanksgiving 2012, people are busy preparing for Christmas 2012. As one of the most important festivals of the year, Christmas is a time for celebrating and entertaining. Generally speaking, Christmas costume, Christmas tree, Christmas gift and Christmas movie are the main components of Christmas celebrations. Each year, various Christmas movies will be released in an attempt to earn as much box office as possible. Among those Christmas movies, Christmas animated movies are especially popular in the market during Christmas days.

Since Christmas is a festival based on legendary tales, directors can only display the fancy Christmas stories with Christmas animated movies. However, among all those Christmas animated movies, only a few are viewed as real commercial and artistic successes. Therefore, in this post about Christmas movie collection, top 5 Christmas animated movies will be covered. Those top-rated Christmas animated movies can not only help audiences spend a nice Christmas 2012, but also provide them information and myths about Santa Claus.     

1. Polar Express

As the most profitable Christmas animated movie of all time, Polar Express, a 2004 cartoon movie, tells audience about the thrilling train journey of a faithful boy to Santa Claus' home. In the movie, a little boy is often laughed at for believing the existence of Santa which brings him the chance to get on a train heading to North Polar. When the boy arrives, Santa has prepared a giant party for them. As an animated movie for Christmas, Polar Express has contained all Christmas elements one can think of including the reindeer, the Santa, the gift and the socks.

Moreover, in order to persuade audiences to believe the existence of Santa, this Christmas animated movie has created Santa as a professional gift-sender instead of a legendary fairy character. Moreover, the excellent performance of Tom Hanks had helped this money-earning Tom Hanks movie earn over 176 million dollars in box office. Polar Express is a good Christmas animated movie because it can persuade audience to have faith to Santa and to Christmas.

2. A Christmas Carol

As a 2008 movie based on the famous novel of Dickens, A Christmas Carol is probably the most well-known Christmas animated movie of all time. The movie mainly focused on the story of how a miser turns from a Christmas hate to a Christmas lover in one night. In the beginning of this Christmas animated movie, Scrooge is a mean business man who hates Christmas holiday. However, after he dreams four dreams about Christmas, he finds out the true value of Christmas and become a well-loved man in the town. All the changes happen after Scrooge is brought to his childhood, to his lover, to his tomb and to his employee in the dreams by Christmas spirits.  This Christmas animated movie is selected not only because it does well in box office but also because it tells the audiences the true spirits of Christmas.

3. Arthur Christmas

For audiences who desire to know the secret of Santa's gift-sending system, they will find answers in Arthur Christmas. As an innovative Christmas animated movie, Arthur Christmas creates a family for Santa Claus. Santa gets a bad-tempered father, a smart elder son and a dull child named Arthur. Every Christmas will send gifts to the world with the help of the advanced devices created by the elder son. However, when Santa finds the missing of a Christmas gift, he sends Arthur to look for the gift. Of course, poor Arthur gets a lot of troubles before he can manage the task. With reasonable plot and innovative ideas, this Christmas animated movie is selected.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

As a Christmas animated movie directed by Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a horrible, irony and spooky Christmas movie. With the perfect integration of Christmas elements and Halloween elements, this movie is quite different from most Christmas animated movies. In this movie, a pumpkin king named Jack Skellington wants to make Halloween a joy day as Christmas. Therefore, he kidnaps Santa Claus and wants to take the Santa's place. Though he tries to make Christmas as normal as it used to be, he only turns the Christmas to another Halloween. For lacking of Christmas spirits, his fellows only want to make pranks on people. When he realizes this, he sets free Santa and accepts his role in the world.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is a unique Christmas movie with profound meaning. That's why this movie is ranked as one among top 5 best Christmas animated movies.

5. Rise of the Guardians

As a movie released during Thanksgiving 2012, Rise of the Guardians can be viewed as a profitable Thanksgiving movie. As an animated movie about Santa Claus, this movie can also be regard as a Christmas animated movie. Unlike other Christmas movies, Santa in Rise of the Guardians has turned out to be a powerful fighter who leads his team to safeguard the happiness of all children.  Therefore, when an evil spirit named Pitch tries to pose endless agony on the world, Santa needs to stop the evil conspiracy with other legendary talents. In this animated movie, audiences can not only know about a fighting Santa, but also the myths and tales of Santa Claus.  

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