Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 Best iPhone Apps for Christmas 2012

As a festival no less powerful than New Year, Christmas provides ultimate joy and entertainment to almost all the people around the world. In fact, Christmas is also a day marking the birth of Jesus and the coming of Santa Claus. Now as the Christmas 2012 is within the reach, more and more Christmas elements comes back to life, filling the world with joys and happiness. Shops are decorated with Christmas 2012 ornaments, people are talking about Christmas 2012 celebrations and mobiles like iPhone 5 have received updated apps for Christmas 2012.

With the support of App Store, iPhone mobiles allow users to take full advantages of various Christmas apps. Therefore, ten best iPhone apps for Christmas 2012 will be covered here. In order to make users indulge in the atmosphere of Christmas 2012, those iPhone apps will cover various Christmas elements ranging from Christmas ringtones to Christmas movies.

1. The Christmas List

The Christmas List

With the gift-sending tradition, Christmas also means a shopping season for users. Since users need to buy gifts to almost all friends, Christmas shopping lists will be quite helpful. With an iPhone app for Christmas 2012 named The Christmas List, users can easily customize their Christmas lists on iPhone mobiles. When the list is done, users are allowed to sync it with the e-mail for backup, track budgets for each person and send the same goods to multiple recipients. Moreover, after making a purchase, users can check if the goods have been delivered or not.

2. Christmas Music

Christmas Music

Christmas music can always set happy tunes for the festival and enhance the atmosphere of the festival. Therefore, for Christmas 2012 celebration, Christmas music is of great importance. Then how to get the latest and free Christmas music? As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, Christmas Music enables users to enjoy over 10,000 free and legal Christmas songs. Yes, with this iPhone app, Jingle Bells is free and Silent Night is easy to get. Moreover, while enjoying those Christmas carols, they can also feel the Christmas spirits with the falling snowflakes.

3. TVCatchup


Want to watch Christmas movies or sports games on Christmas? TVCatchup is definitely a good choice. As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, TVCatchup, which is exclusively designed for British users, are capable of providing users over free live UK TV on the move. Programs on BBC One, ITV and Channel 4 are easy to get with just a few clicks. This iPhone app can not only be used as Christmas app, but as a day-to-day app. Of course, one needs to get Wi-Fi connection before they can enjoy the TVs.

4. Just Wink Greeting Cards

Just Wink Greeting Cards

For centuries, people have kept sending friends Christmas cards on Christmas Day. Therefore, Christmas card will be no less important than Christmas gift. For users who are getting tired of making or writing Christmas cards, they can refer to an iPhone app named Just Wink Greeting Cards. As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, Just Wink Greeting Cards enables users to customize Christmas cards on the given templates and then send them to friends via email, message or even Facebook. Generally speaking, users just need to add photos and then type notes to manage the task of making Christmas card.

5. Kayak


Duration the long Christmas holiday, many families will get their travel plans. Therefore, they need to figure out easy ways to get appropriate and check air tickets. As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, Kayak is exclusively designed to help users enjoy Christmas trips. The iPhone app not only provide users the services to book air tickets and hotel rooms, but also enables users to compare the flight and hotel deals. Moreover, information about the airplane and the airport will be provided to make sure users won't miss the boarding time. 

6. iBooks


Reading Christmas books is a good way for users to feel Christmas spirits. With iBooks, users can have a close view at those Christmas spirits. As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, iBooks allow users to read famous Christmas novels like A Christmas Carol and The Polar Express that are provided with PDF or EPUB files. Moreover, users can get best-selling books from iBook Store and read them in full screen mode.

7. The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf

For a relaxing and pleasing festival like Christmas, Christmas games are quite necessary. Good Christmas games can always bring high spirits to users. As one of the best Christmas game, The Elf on the Shelf gets four stars in iTunes Store. In this iPhone app, users need to take the elves to the parade because they have no idea about the location of New York. In order to help them, players need to control them to collect as many snowflakes as possible and avoid obstacles.  

8. Christmas Coloring Book

Coloring Book

An efficient way to help small kids to understand stories about Christmas is ask them to read Christmas coloring books.  Christmas-oriented in content, Christmas coloring books are always attractive to kids. With an iPhone app for Christmas named Christmas Coloring Book, users can easily get cute Christmas characters like Santa and reindeer. Like a painting game, this iPhone app permits users to paint different colors for different characters.

9. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

As one of the most influential symbols of Christmas, Christmas trees are usually used to bring Christmas back home. For users who have no idea about the decoration of Christmas tree, they can refer to this iPhone app. Created as an app for Christmas 2012, Christmas tree enables users to choose over 221 ornaments for 5 trees. Some Christmas songs are provided as background music and animated snowfall will appear to enhance Christmas atmosphere.

10. Christmas


On Christmas 2012, Christmas ringtones and Christmas wallpapers are highly desired. In fact, they can be easily found in an iPhone app for Christmas. As an iPhone app provided by Critical Hit Software, Christmas can provide users various Christmas ringtones, Christmas jigsaw puzzles and Christmas wallpapers. Besides that, Christmas countdown is provided to remind users the approaching of Christmas.

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