Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Wonders - Top 4 Christmas Miracles in Movies

As a national festival, Christmas can not only bring people long-time holiday, but also gather people's wishes about the future.  Christmas gift is a loftily expected Christmas surprise on Christmas Eve, so is Christmas wish. In fact, as the birthday of Jesus Christ, Christmas is viewed as a day full of magic and wonders. As a consequence, people tend to believe the existence of Christmas miracles. Moreover, Christmas wonder has played an important role in both real world and movie world. In real life, people can only wait for the coming of Christmas wonders but in the movie world, directors are able to create Christmas miracles.

Actually, there are various Christmas movies about Christmas miracles in the movie world. Those Christmas wonders can not only make Christmas more charming and attractive, but also serve to remind audiences of the existence of Santa and Jesus. Therefore, this post will cover four Christmas miracles that appear in various Christmas movies. Most of those Christmas miracles are only available in the movies.

1. Christmas Miracle: Birth of Jesus

According to the biblical story, Mary had given birth to Jesus Christ as a virgin. Therefore, the birth of Jesus turns out to be the biggest Christmas miracle of all time. In a Christmas movie named The Nativity Story, this Christmas miracle is fully presented. When Mary falls in love with Joseph, Angel Gabriel tells Virgin Mary that she is a pregnant and will give birth to a boy named Jesus. Joseph doesn't know what to do until Gabriel instructs him. After their marriage, Mary and Joseph need to start an arduous journey to Bethlehem during which Mary gives birth to Jesus in a shabby manger. As a movie in accordance with the Biblical tale, The Nativity Story gives audience a panoramatic view of this whole Christmas wonder.

2. Christmas Miracle: Reincarnation of Teddy

Not all the Christmas wonders in movie world are Bible-oriented. In fact, most Christmas wonders are related to Santa Claus. In Ted, a young boy named John makes a wish that his Teddy bear can be a real man on Christmas Eve. When he wakes up the next day, his Christmas wish turns out to be a Christmas miracle. Since then he has lived and friended with Ted for over 20 years. However, as a grown-up, John needs to ask Ted to move out so he can move on with his girlfriend. Later as Ted is kidnapped and even murdered by a crazy man, John's girlfriend creates another Christmas miracle by making a wish of the reincarnation of the Teddy bear.

3. Christmas Miracle: Change the whole community

As Christmas spirits are deep-rooted in everyone's heart, one can create a Christmas miracle of converting the cold-blooded to the warm-hearted by awakening those spirits. This is exactly what happens in a movie named Miracle on 34th Street. In the movie, Doris and her daughter Susan don't believe in the story of Santa. On a Christmas parade, Doris asks a kind old man named Kris to act as Santa Claus. To her surprise, even after the parade, Kris still claims and acts like Santa Claus in an attempt to bring faiths back to the town.  When Kris is institutionalized as insane, many people like Doris come out to prove he is the real Santa. Isn't it a Christmas miracle that a man can change the society by his own behaviors alone?

4. Christmas Miracle: Acquaintance with Santa

Will Santa only appears in fairy tales? No, Santa will also show up in some Christmas movies about Christmas miracles. Usually, Santa can only be noticed by children who really understand the spirits of Christmas and is willing to turn their Christmas wishes to Christmas wonders. In a Christmas animated movie The Polar Express, the hero boy manages to go through a thrilling journey to see Santa.  As the only kid believing in Santa in the town, the hero boy makes a wish to find Santa on Christmas Eve. Then he is taking to a train heading to the North Polar and meets the legendary Santa.  

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