Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top 6 Doomsday Scenarios in Doomsday Movies

December 21 is a normal day, but December 21st, 2012 is not. Identified as the doomsday in many old prophecies, December 21st, 2012 turns out to be a hot topic for years. Till now, no reasonable explanations about human extinction on doomsday have been found. However, most people are still curious about the approaching of doomsday. In fact, doomsday movies have been favored by the market for years. With the coming of December 21, more and more doomsday movies have flooded into the market.

Generally speaking, seeing doomsday scenarios is the main reason to lure audiences pay tickets for doomsday movies. Therefore, innovative ideas and excellent visual effects are crucial to the success of a doomsday movie. So far, many successful doomsday movies have presented the world different doomsday scenarios. Therefore, this post will cover top 6 doomsday scenarios in doomsday movies.

Doomsday Scenario One: The attack of aliens

Alien attack

On a normal day, aliens will suddenly invade the Earth with its army troops. They have most advanced weapons, speedy UFOs and uncertain identities. They are powerful enough to ruin a district with a single shoot and there is nothing human can do. Audiences can easily find such doomsday scenario in various doomsday movies like Independence Day, War of the Worlds and Aliens. The only difference between those movies is the attacking mode of those aliens.

Doomsday Scenario Two: The zombie apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse

One day, some human will become zombies after the leaking of uncertain biochemistry drugs or the failure of bacteria experiments. Then the zombies will walk out to the street and turn anyone they meet to their own kind. Later, the trend of zombie apocalypse becomes totally out of control that human beings have to escape from the hunting of zombies. This is the doomsday scenario provided by famous zombie movies like Resident Evil movie series, Walking Dead and Devil's Playground. For this kind of doomsday movie, directors are trying to make zombies as scaring as possible.

Doomsday Scenario Three: The spread of virus

The spread of virus

When some uncertain virus breaks out, human civilization is ruined in a short time. Being unnoticed for a certain times, the virus then convert most people to monsters, zombies or the crazy. The virus can be originated from some animals like the weird monkey in Braindead or from human's research like the bacteria in Twelve Monkeys.  Anyway, this doomsday scenario always get to companion of dark and gloom atmosphere.

Doomsday Scenario Four: The wrath of nature

Natural disaster

In a freezing winter, the world suddenly becomes too cold to habitat. The unexpected coldness has attacked many families and killed numerous people. While the low temperature has frozen everything, no power supply can be offered. People can only rely on the existing food because going outside is equal to committing suicide. This is the doomsday scenario in a doomsday movie named The Day after Tomorrow. Of course, the wrath of nature also fills the world with sea in Waterworld and sends unprecedented flood to the world in 2012.

Doomsday Scenario Five: The still of the Earth

The Earth stands still

When the Earth stands still, the environment turns out to be not suitable for living. Half of the world lives in the dark and the other half in the light. Besides that, the side effects of the scenario are powerful enough to lead to the extinction of human beings. The only solution to avoid the coming of doomsday is to make the Earth return to work again. Before this doomsday scenario, doomsday movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still just send aliens as savior.

Doomsday Scenario Six: The crash of plants

The Earth crash

An unexpected plant is following the orbit of the Earth, making the crash just a matter of time. When the crash is done, the human civilization will be blown by the unprecedented explosion. Neither animals nor human beings get the chance to survive because the Earth will be gone as well. This is the doomsday scenario provided by doomsday movies like Armageddon, a famous Ben Affleck movie. However, it never happens because there are always brave astronomers sacrificing their lives to change the orbit of the plant.   

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