Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Trace Boxing Day Traditions in 4 Christmas Movies

Unlike the world-famous Christmas, Boxing Day is only a regional festival celebrated in countries like England, Ireland and Australia. Even though Boxing Day is celebrated as second Christmas on December 26th, it is usually literally misunderstood as a day created for boxing matches. As two neighbors, Christmas and Boxing Day shares some common traditions; as two festivals, they are different from each other.  In fact, in some Christmas movies, especially those movies about British Christmas, the traditions of Boxing Day can always be traced in several scenes or even some lines.

Therefore, this post will cover four Christmas movies where one can trace Box Day traditions.  Of course, not all of those Christmas movies are Boxing Day oriented in plots. Even though some Boxing Day traditions are well-hidden in the movies, one can still find them out with carefulness and patience. Moreover, some of those Boxing Day traditions are old-fashioned while some are newly created. To this extent, those Christmas movies can not only help users spend a nice Christmas 2012 but also learn knowledge about Boxing Day 2012.

1. Boxing Day tradition in A Christmas Carol

The name of Boxing Day is rumored to be from the tradition that workers can receive the gift boxes from their bosses as Christmas gifts. According to Boxing Day tradition, those boxes may be filled with money, food and clothes. Therefore, this tradition is similar to the gift sending one of Christmas. In one of the best Christmas animated movies named A Christmas Carol, this Boxing Day tradition can be traced. In the movie, when Scrooge wakes up after knowing the poor situation of his employee, he decides to do something to help him. The next day, Scrooge not only brings them fresh meat, warm clothes, but also money for living. This behavior perfectly matches this Boxing Day tradition.

2. Boxing Day tradition in Boxing Day

Though family gathering is also a Boxing Day tradition, it is different from the family union on Christmas. Box Day is created as a time to gather those friends or relatives one hasn't seen on Christmas Day. This special Boxing Day tradition can be found in Boxing Day. In this Christmas movie, when a girl named Emmy Towne brings her boyfriend home on Boxing Day, she needs to prevent her lover from being freaked out by her know-it-all mother. In this typical Boxing Day gathering, various jokes, pranks and embarrassing situations will be provided.

3. Boxing Day tradition in A Christmas Story

In the past, shopping season usually started from New Year. As time goes by, Boxing Day turns out to be the new mark for shopping season. As a consequence, various coupon codes will be provided to help customers get best Boxing Day deals. Of course, only patient customers can find best coupon codes. For example, Moyea has provided coupon code XMAS1OFF for 10% off, MOY_XMAS for 20% off, XMS_2012 for 30% off and XMAS2012 for 40% off. If one is not patient enough, he is likely to miss the coupon code for 40% off.  As a Boxing Day tradition, shopping is traced in a Christmas movie named A Christmas Story. In this movie, there are various scenes about how customers crazily flood into the market for low-budget goods.

4. Boxing Day tradition in The Holiday

Christmas is about a time for feast dinner while Boxing Day is not. Usually having simple food which consists of baked ham, mince pies and leftovers is a Boxing Day tradition. Since most people want to live a relaxing day on Boxing Day, they choose to cook relaxing meal. If one is careful enough, he will trace this Boxing Day tradition in a Christmas movie named The Holiday. In the ending of this story caused by house exchange between Iris and Amanda, the four people sit together in a small house on Boxing Day, eating a few simple dishes and laughing. Though the food can't be recognized, they are definitely the long-time preparation type.    

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