Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Top 4 Things about Hanukkah Learnt from Hanukkah Movies and Hanukkah TVs

As a festival created to celebrate the eight-day miracle of the Holy Temple in ancient days, Hanukkah is designed as an 8-day festival. Now as Christians are busy making their shopping lists for Christmas 2012, most Jews are enjoy the pleasures brought by Hanukkah 2012 which will end on December 16, 2012. If Christmas trees and Christmas gifts have set tones for Christmas 2012, Hanukkah menarche and Hanukkah presents are the melodies of Hanukkah 2012. However, even though Hanukkah is the biggest religious festivals of Jews, few Hanukkah movies are available in the market. As a consequence, only a few things about Hanukkah fun are known to the world.

As an important entertaining tool, movie has provided a good platform for us to learn different cultures. Though only a few movies are Hanukkah-oriented, there are a lot of movies telling things about Hanukkah with a shot, a line and even a word. Therefore, this post will present you top 4 things about Hanukkah you can learn from Hanukkah movies or Hanukkah TV shows. Those Hanukkah movies or TV shows have revealed the secrets of Hanukkah in a direct or subtle way.

1. Hanukkah may be celebrated on the same day of Christmas

You can learn this thing about Hanukkah from a top-rated American TV show named Friends. In an episode about Hanukkah named The One with the Holiday Armadillo, Ross dresses is trying to tell his son stories about Hanukkah as an Armadillo on Christmas. Therefore, you can assert that there are possibilities that those two festivals will be celebrated on the same day. Actually, as a festival starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, Hanukkah can be anytime from Thanksgiving to New Year.

2. Hanukkah is more important than Christmas to Jews

It is a known story that Christmas is more influential than Christmas. However, to Jews, Christmas is actually a less and even unimportant festival. In a Hanukkah movie named The Hebrew Hammer, a Jewish man named Jefferson Carver tries all means to prevent the invasion of the evil son of Santa Claus in Jewish countries so as to save Hanukkah for future generations. Though the celebration of Hanukkah may not be as interesting as Christmas, their importance is deep rooted in the hearts of Jews.  

3. Hanukkah is similar to Christmas

Hanukkah is not Christmas, but they have shared many similar traditions. In a Hanukkah TV show starred by the son of Tom Hanks named The O.C., a boy named Cohen invited the word Chrismukkah when he was six years old. As the son of a Jewish and a Protestant, Cohen tries to create a day filled with the features of both Christmas and Hanukkah. Since a lot of the traditions of those two festivals have been introduced, one can learn many things about Hanukkah to learn the commons of the festivals. Both festivals have gift sending traditions and are celebrated on the 25th day in the last month of the year.

4. Hanukkah is about Hanukkah spirits and Hanukkah miracle

When it is created, Hanukkah is viewed as a day full of wonders and miracles. In an animated Hanukkah movie named Eight Crazy Nights, Adam Sandler helps you know about Hanukkah, a day full of wonders. In the movie, David as an outlaw has been given the chance to make self-redemption due to the Hanukkah spirits of Judge. However, as a troublemaker, he never realizes his life will be totally changed by a referee named Whitey Duvall during Hanukkah. This film not only tells you about a story of Hanukkah miracle, but also the spirits of Hanukkah including kindness and forgiveness.

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