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Road to Oscar - 4 Jennifer Lawrence Movies as Oscar Nominees

As the alleged doom day in ancient predictions, 2012 has witnessed the evolution of Jennifer Lawrence from a little girl to a big star. Nowadays, Jennifer Lawrence is not only viewed as one of the most popular and promising movie star, but also the hottest and most desirable actress in Hollywood. The happiness comes in a speedy and subtle way that even Jennifer Lawrence may feel surprised at times. In just two years, Lawrence has made the switch from an unknown actress struggling for every audition to a popular star trying to pick up suitable roles from numerous scripts.

Jennifer Lawrence

Dating back to 2008, few had paid attention Jennifer Lawrence movies like The Poker House and Garden Party. At present, people won't be surprised if Jennifer Lawrence movies are listed as Oscar nominees. Two years later when Catching Fire and Mockingjay gain great successes, people may even feel strange if Jennifer Lawrence movies are not listed as Oscar nominees. As Lawrence moves on, she will see a clear road to Oscar. In fact, Oscar 2013 won't even be the first time Jennifer Lawrence movies are nominated. Therefore, this post will introduce 4 Jennifer Lawrence movies working as Oscar nominees.

1. Winter's Bone

As the turning point of her movie career, Winter's Bone not only brought Lawrence first Oscar nomination but also helped Lawrence to attract attentions of famous directors. Without her excellent performance in this Oscar nominee, Jennifer Lawrence won't even get the auditions for Katniss Everdeen and Elissa. In this Jennifer Lawrence movie, Lawrence acts as a girl named Ree who needs to tries to keep her family intact. When her drug-dealing father disappears, Ree must find him out so that her family won't live in the streets during the winter. However, as she moves deeper, dangers comes closer.  This movie the first time Lawrence impresses the world as a family-protecting girl with strong will. As we all know, The Hunger Games is the second time.

2. X-man: First Class

Winter's Bone does not make Jennifer Lawrence widely recognized, X-man: First Class does. "She is the Raven in First Class", this is what first comes to the mind of most audiences when seeing Katniss in The Hunger Games. As a movie that makes Jennifer Lawrence recognizable, X-man: First Class is among the list of top 10 Oscar nominees for "Achievement in Visual Effects". As a prelude of X-man series, this Jennifer Lawrence movie mainly focuses on the historical past between Professor X and Magneto about their fighting against Sebastian Shaw and how their union breaks up.  As for Lawrence, she acts as a transformative mutant who is naughty, confused and dissatisfied with the current society.  

3. The Hunger Games

There is no need to introduce more about this Jennifer Lawrence movie. As a milestone movie in Lawrence's acting career, The Hunger Games is viewed as one of the best 2012 movies so far. As a novel based movie, The Hunger Games makes Jennifer Lawrence a real super star in movie field. Of course, for movies like The Hunger Games, it is an Oscar award instead of an Oscar nomination that worth praising. Acting as Katniss, a character similar to Ree, in the movie, Lawrence tells the world what a strong and brave girl shall be like. When winters come, Panem will choose twenty-four tributes from 12 districts for a fighting game. When Katniss volunteers for her sister, she needs to overcome all difficulties to survive.

4. Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is a special novel based movie for both audiences and Lawrence.  It is the first time Lawrence tries to act as someone not identified as a teenager. Many people believe that a young girl like her is not a suitable choice for being Tiffany. However, Lawrence takes the role and does quite well. The surprises Lawrence has brought to audiences in the movie have brought her a nomination in Oscar 2013. Just as every cloud has silver linings, every life has their attracting points. In this Oscar nominee, when the life of Pat has fallen into a total mess, he decides to rebuild his life with the help of a widow named Tiffany. During the process, an unexpected bond begins which helps them to regain faith towards their own lives.

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