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The Origin And Celebrations Of International Workers’ Day

International Workers' Day is also called May Day because many countries choose to celebrate it on May 1st. Though less influential than Christmas or Easter in the world arena, International Workers' Day is still an important festival. Many countries view it as a day to show people's honor towards workers.

strikes in Foxcnn

Recently, according to CNET, a strike has taken place in Foxconn Brazil, a main partner of Apple. People begin to worry about the sales of Apple product may be affected. It is said the bad traffic condition and poor quality of food have annoyed the workers in Brazil.

Days later, a strike happens in Foxconn China, some workers threat to jump off roof if they see no raise in salary. This is not the first strike happens in Foxconn China nor will it be the last one. As International Works' Day 2012 approaches, those strikes remind me of the origin of International Works' Day.

the origin of International Works' Day

1. In 1880, workers in America marched in the street to show their furies at long working hour and poor salary.

2. In 1884, a bill on eight-hour work system was passed. According to the bill, this system would be implemented on May 1st, 1886. However it failed to make things better because workers still had to work for over ten hours.

3. In April, 1886, over 250 thousand workers joined in a demonstration in Chicago to show their anger which had frightened the local tycoons. More police forces were sent to support public stability.

4. In May 1, 1886, some policemen were attacked which led to the fight between workers and the police. Some workers were seriously hurt as well as some policemen who were shot by friendly fire.

5. In July, 1889, Engels announced the date, May 1st, as International Workers' Day. On May 1st, 1890, workers in various countries held demonstrations to celebrate International Workers' Day.

celebrations of International Workers' Day

So those are the origin of International Workers' Day. Due to its significance, countries celebrated it in various ways. Countries like Russia and Cuba will hold magnificent celebrations in their capitals. People in Thailand and Peru will get one day rest while people in Japan can have a seven-day holiday. However, Italian has to go to work on this day.

Those are some celebrations of International Workers' Day. Though they may vary in form, but they are all held for the same purpose: show honor and respect to workers. On International Workers' Day, we can also have our own celebrations.

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