Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 Battle Fields Between Microsoft And Apple

Microsoft used to be the largest technological company in the world before Apple. With the elevation of the share price, Apple successfully got Microsoft's throne. In order to regain its place, the battle between Microsoft and Apple is turning white-hot.


It is interesting that although Apple brought the new concept of personal computer to the world with Apple II, it is Microsoft who has changed personal computer. It is even irony that though Microsoft has first raised the concept of tablet, it is Apple who makes outstanding performance in this field.

This year, with the debut of Windows 8 and Lumia 900, the battle fields between Microsoft and Apple has increased to three: the battle between Windows Phone and iOS in mobile, the battle between Zune and iPod in Mp3 field and the battle between Windows 8 and Mac in tablet. This post will take you to have a view at those three battle fields between Microsoft and Apple.

1. Zune vs iPod

Zune vs iPod

Apple wins over Microsoft in this field because Microsoft has announced its discontinuation of Zune in 2011. After ten-year evolution, iPod is a dominator in the market while as its competitor; Zune has finished its journey in five years.

Microsoft has to give in in this battle for the bad performance of Zune. However, there are three reasons for Zune's failure, all related to the market strategy of Microsoft. Either Zune or iPod can make full of its function without converters because they can just support limited video files. So you may just as well convert video files to mp4 files with Video Converter.

2. Windows Phone vs iOS

Windows Phone vs iOS

The competition in mobile market are ought to be the stories between Nokia, SumSung, HTC and Apple. However, Microsoft joins in the battle with Windows Phone, making it the biggest enemies of Apple in all fields.

While Apple has earned a lot of money with iPhone, the future of Windows Phone is still unknown. However, many experts predict that the fate of Windows Phone is decided by the fate of Lumia 900. It seems that at least at present, the future of Windows Phone is very promising. Till the debut of iPhone 5, we will know whether Windows Phone is powerful enough to challenge iOS or not.

3. Windows 8 vs Mac

Mac_OS_vs__Windows 8

After the popularization of iPad, Microsoft has to pay more attention to the product it once ignored: the tablet. In March 2012, Microsoft debut Windows 8, which can support tablet. It indicates the beginning of the battle between Apple and Microsoft in tablet. However, the future of Windows 8 is not appreciated by many.

There are too many hurdles lying before Windows 8. Windows 8 is not only viewed as a vulnerable system but also a system with small potential market. At present, Windows 8 is accessible to iPad with Win8 Metro Testbed. Can Windows 8 be a dominator in tablet market? We'll see.

We can find something in common in all those fields: Apple is the champion while Microsoft is the challenger. The fate of Microsoft will be decided by its performance in those three fields (actually two).

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