Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things About PowerPoint

I believe everyone is quite familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint. I have to wave goodbye to 2003 version in order to install 2007 version and then changed 2007 version to PowerPoint 2010. The general impression the latest version left on me is that it is getting easier for customers to operate.

Take 2003 version for example, you need to know something about the PowerPoint in order to use animation effects or transition effects. However, things changed in 2007 version. What you need to do is just click "Animation" in the menu bar and choose the effects. It is quite good because I think those effects are the essence of this software. This is a good sign: it can not only promote the popularization of PowerPoint, but save our time with its simple operation.

I used to believe PowerPoint is just a tool to help you write words on those slides and then shift between the slides. However, this is not true! It can also be used as a communication tool. You need to explain your business plan to your boss with PowerPoint that contains not only graph that can reflect the overview of the data but also some photos that can draw his attention. As long as you can attract him with your PowerPoint, you have gained your wager. So the action of Microsoft to simplify the operation of PowerPoint is worthy of being praised.

Comparing to 2003 version, 2007 version has added more effects for us to choose such as 3D effect. However, PowerPoint is not so perfect considering its compatibility. You can't open a PowerPoint with pptx format on a computer with 2003 version. So in order to open it, you need to update your PowerPoint version. What if we prefer 2003 version? To some extent, the latest version has left less room for us to operate. Another thing is that not all phones can support PowerPoint. Even for those that can support PowerPoint, the original effects may lose.

A good way to maintain those effects and solve the problem of compatibility is to convert them to videos that can be supported by devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad/Blackberry. However, at present you can't manage it with PowerPoint alone. Maybe in the future, PowerPoint will be endowed with this function. However, we must admit it is not possible at present unless you use software.

As for this, I want to recommend Moyea PPT4Web Converter, software that can not only help you to convert PowerPoint to most popular video format, but help you to upload those converted videos to website like YouTube once you install Moyea Web Player, software that can help you to insert videos into your blog. Expect for its powerful functions, the operation is also quite simple. With it, you can share PowerPoint with friends by uploading it.

I believe in the future, PowerPoint will not only be much more powerful, but also more popular. I believe in the future, Microsoft will bring more surprises us to us with its PowerPoint.

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