Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Disadvantages Of Nokia Comparing To Android Mobile

The prosperity of iPhone and Android mobile witnesses the decline of Nokia Empire. Before iPhone and Android mobile, Nokia dominated the phone sale market in the world. However, things changed, Symbian is no longer sexy and attractive comparing to Android. As a Nokia user, I am looking forward to the new system of Nokia: Windows Phone. Maybe it can help Nokia to remedy the situation.

To be honest, Symbian is far less attractive to me than Android in terms of data transfer. When transferring data with bluetooth, the file you received is sent to Nokia as a message. I received a MV with bluetooth but I couldn't trace it. Later I found it in my Inbox but I couldn't open it or transfer it to my SD card or other files of the phone. I sought Internet for help and was told to download X-plore to extract the video from Inbox. I did it but only to find the file was a swf file.

Luckily Nokia is inserted with flash player which is supposed to be able to support flash video. However, what I got was just a song playing in a black screen. OK, I have to admit that this player sucks because video larger than 4M isn't accessible. To this extent, Android mobile are much better. Android mobile is not inserted with flash player, so you know you need to download one from the very beginning. Due to this, there are many players for selection like SWF Player. Anyway, later I had to convert swf file to mp4 with Moyea SWF to Video Converter. The converted video was almost the same as the original one in quality. If I had known this method earlier, I wouldn't have wasted so much time.

Comparing to Android mobile, the Wi-Fi connection was another disadvantage. I once tried to connect Wi-Fi with my N97, but I just found that I need to type the shared key each time I connect Wi-Fi. However, Android mobile can remember the key and keep it in connection unless you disconnect it. If you can browse website with your SIM card while you have connected Wi-Fi, Nokia will ask you which mode you want to use for website browsing, SIM or Wi-Fi. However, Android mobile will select Wi-Fi mode by default.

There are other disadvantages of Nokia comparing to Android mobile. For example, in terms of online video watching, Android seems to be more powerful since Nokia could just support a few of them. Anyway, Symbian is not so attractive to us due to its own defects. So Nokia is changing it to Windows Phone. Can Windows Phone wipe out those disadvantages of Symbian and competing with Android? We will see.

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