Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grumbles About Adobe Flash Player

Recently, I have downloaded some videos from YouTube with Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader. Not only it is free, but also it can help you to download YouTube videos quickly. So I just want to open it with my player, however, I find my player can't support this format.

I just want to download a player to play flv file and then I am fooled by the name of Adobe Flash Player. You will take it for granted that a player named Flash Player will probably be able to play flv file, but life just punches you down and laughs at you. Yes, I admit I suck this time. But I still have some grumbes about Adobe Flash Player.

When you search "flash player" with Google, you will see the dominance of Adobe Flash Player in the page. When you watch videos online, you will get a tip that you need to install Adobe Flash Player before the videos are accessible. Ok, I know that most online videos are flv files, so it gives me the illusion that Adobe Flash Player will definitely support flv file. The more hopes you pin, the greater disappointments you get. This is a lesson tells us that practice makes truth, not your thoughts. Though it is me that make myself a fool, Adobe Flash Player helps in this process. How can it called Adobe Flash Player without supporting flv files? How can it occupy the whole page in Google when you type "flash player" in Google?

One great event in March is probable the debut of The new iPad . People are still wondering why Apple refuses Adobe Flash Player. Maybe Apple has a further vision than us or maybe Adobe Flash Player owns some defects. Anyway, the future of Adobe Flash Player receives a negative evaluation given by Apple. To me, I also think Adobe Flash Player must do better other than its failure to support flv file.

When talking about player that has dominated video websites for years, what do you think it will look like, with cool skin and attractive buttons? Now wake up and look at the picture.

Ok, the interface is just too simple to make you believe this is a necessity for online video websites and you probably will think you are opening a website at the first sight of this interface. You will not want to download it if you have other choices, so you just feel like being forced to use it. No wonder Apple will not cooperate with it, their visual concepts for products are totally different. How can Apple tolerate such software run in its attractive machine?

Anyway, if you want to use a real flash player, I will recommend you Moyea FLV Player, it can not only play local flv file but also those online file just by pasting the URL address. (PS: it is free)


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