Monday, March 12, 2012

Annoying Games

As a child, I love games like Mario and Contra. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, games are becoming more and more attractive. Thanks to the application of 3D technology, characters in the games are so vivid that you can't tell they are just virtual men in the cyber space.

I love games like 2K11, Call of Duty and Need for Speed. They are really fantastic. But sometimes you need to wait, wait for their debut. It is OK when those games can be available on time, but there are games that are really annoying because the producers just delayed their original plan day by day. Here let's see the outstanding three of them.


No one needs to explain why it can rank first here. This game is ought to be debuted in 1997, but the date was fixed in 2011. Let's have a view at what had happened in this period: 500 million people have died while 660 million people have born; Harry Potter have published and directed; players have play games on PS/DC/NGC/XBOX/PS2/XBOX360/Wii/PS3/GBC/GBA/GBASP/NDS/PSP/GBM/NDSL/NDSI/ NDSILL and 3DS and Microsoft have debuted six operating systems.

2. Team Fortress 2

The producer made us believe we could play it in 1999, but it first came out in 2007. The game changed its engine for several times. Valve tended to design the game with GoldSrc engine, but it has changed its plan for several times.

3. StarCraft: Ghost

You can play this on your Xbox, GameCube and PS2, how about on your PC? No. Maybe it just wants to learn from StarCraft which was proved to be a big success. All employees in Blizzard Entertainment have devoted to the designing of StarCraft in order to debut it in 1997 before Christmas. However, they failed and had to delay the date to 1998, which was proved to be a right decision. However this time, we can't expect the same thing happened to StarCraft: Ghost because Blizzard Entertainment has already stopped this project.

Comparing to those high-cost games, SWF game is not so annoying since you do need to worry about being fooled time after time. You may dislike games with simple operation or with rough picture quality. However, when games can combine simple operation and rough picture quality together with beautiful music attached, you will like it because it can ease your mind and relax you.

I love SWF games, it can relax me. I love the music in it, they are all simple but beautiful. As a Naruto fan, I love an SWF game named Bleach vs Naruto, the music there is just awesome. I want to rip the music but I don't know how. Until recently, I have found SWF Resources Extractor and Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro. The former is quite simple to operate while the latter is more powerful. The latter can not only record the process of your game, but convert the recorded video to formats like mp4/3gp/3g2/mov/avi/wmv/ts and so on. You just need to play the game and after you finish it; you will find the whole process is capable to play on your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

So if you are getting tired of completing your mission or racing with other cars, SWF is also a good choice for you to rest your mind.

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