Monday, March 19, 2012

Difficult SWF Games

Have you ever experienced sitting for hours playing games like IL-2 Sturmovik and FarCry. They are so difficult that you can't complete even one mission in a day. This really drives you mad. So at this moment, I suggest you to play some relaxing games, especially SWF games.
Those games are not only designed with simple backgrounds but also simple operations. Usually, you will feel relaxed when you play it. However, if you think all SWF games are just that easy, you are wrong. If you are unlucky, you may meet some really difficult SWF games, which can drive you crazy more easily than some PC games. Believe me, you will be dismayed and feel frustrated since you are not defeated by crowds of enemies but a simple image, maybe just a ball. OK, I will illustrate you some difficult SWF games.
1. The World's Hardest Game
I was puzzled what kind of game could brag itself most difficult before I played it. OK, I have to admit I felt frustrated after playing it. Look at the game, a square with four circles. Can any game be made as simple as that? Do not be fooled by its appearance. You control the square and need to move to the other side with the circles rolling back and forth. As you go deeper, the ball will roll faster and faster. How am I supposed to make the square get through while the enemies are moving as fast as light? Sometimes you may think that you are just a fool who can't win four balls.
2. Crimson Room
This game is said to be one of the most difficult games in the world along with other games of Toshimitsu Takagi series. So this time I am a drunken man who is attacked and locked in the crimson room. What you need to do is just finding as many things as possible and then using them appropriately. This game is not so difficult comparing to other Toshimitsu Takagi games; you can at least find almost all the tools. I say it is difficult because as you get a paper with URL address in it, you need to visit the website on the paper to get codes for the safe. However, I find the website is written in Japanese. The worst of it is that the code is given in random, even the producer can not know the code. So there is no way to open the safe? I get all the tools and find out how to use them, but I can't escape because I don't know Japanese. Jesus Christ! This is really annoying.
3. Dad n' Me
This game is a little violent; you act as a violent boy. When your father wants you to get along with others by leaving you in the playground alone, you just want to kick every one of them. In the beginning, you are freakily strong and unbeatable. While later, more and more strong enemies will show up and will kill you just by a touch. So this game generally tells you how superman turns to be the ordinary. As you go further, the enemies become stronger. You have no chance to win since a kick from anyone can finish your life.
So those are the games that really drive me crazy. Sometimes I spent hours sitting in front of the computer trying to prove that I would not be fooled by those simple games. However, I failed.
Sometimes I could win by accident. Will I be happy? No, I felt regard that I didn't record that moment. Later I learned to record the process of my game. I searched the Internet and found nothing that can help much until I found Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro. It can not only record the process of your playing, but also convert it to flv format so that you can upload it to YouTube. So next time if you meet a difficult game, I suggest you to use Moyea SWF To Video Converter Pro to record the process.

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