Friday, March 9, 2012

Download YouTube Videos Online

When you want to watch videos online, you need to visit websites like YouTube and Google. As the development of science and technology, watching online videos and uploading videos is no more a hard task. In the vast sea of YouTube videos, there must be some that attract your attention and give you the impulse to download them.

Here comes a question? How can you download those YouTube videos you want? With software, you can do that, but what if you do not want to install software to your computer for the sake of its security. Here this blog can provide you ways to download YouTube videos directly. (Attention: they are based on Windows System)

First method: this one can apply to almost all the online websites.

1. Open YouTube with IE and select the video you want to download.

2. Play the video to the end. During this process, you can do other things with your computer, just leave the video alone.

3. When the video ends, look at the menu of IE, and choose "Tools" option. Then you will see a new window.

4. Select the last option "Internet Options", you can see four columns naming "Home Page", "Browsing history", "Search>" and "Tabs" respectively. Choose "Settings" in the "Browsing history" column.

5. Click "View files" in the window, you will find a lot of files. Looking for the video you just watched by matching the profile such as the "Internet Address" or "Size" with the video you want. (Usually it is at the bottom of the page with the largest size)

6. Copy the file you find and paste it to your computer. You need to rename your file with .flv suffix. Then you can play it on you media player if it can support flv file.

This method is awesome, but you need to do the operation immediately in case the data will be covered. It also calls for your patience.

You can also download YouTube videos with Keepvid. You just need to paste the URL of YouTube videos and then wait. With it you can even convert those downloaded YouTube videos but the formats for selection are limited. However, sometimes you may find the video you download is not as good as the original one in its size and quality.

If you want to download YouTube video fast with the original quality, you may need software like Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro, which can download YouTube videos fast without quality loss. Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro can also convert those downloaded videos to various formats to make them supported by your iPod, iPhone, etc.

With those methods mentioned above, you won't be bothered by how to download YouTube Videos.

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