Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five Necessary Apps For Nokia

Mobile phone is becoming more and more popular in the world. To some extent, it becomes a necessity for us. The popularization of mobile has promoted the development of phone applications. Along with those mobiles, they are also necessary for us.

Without apps, phones can't be as powerful as they are right now. Web browser like Opera can provides functions we can't get from default web browser. Mobile can take photos, make videos, browse websites and make phone calls. However, if we need an extra function like edit videos or refuse someone's call automatically, we need to install corresponding apps. So what are the commonly used apps for your Nokia?

1. SMS Guard

Privacy is very important to us but there are always those annoying guys who love to peep our personal messages. So with SMS Guard, we won't need to worry about our secrets being leaked.

2. UC Browser

Internet exists everywhere because people's need towards it exists everywhere. With a smartphone like N97, we need a good web browser for assistance. UC Browser is such a good choice for you. It is the world's fastest browser with advanced compression technology.

3. Ovi Maps

We will go to strange places someday. So in case you get lost, you need a map to assist you. What if you know nothing about maps? You can install Ovi Maps and then you can see your position and the surrounding buildings. It helps you to find a hotel or restaurant easily.

4. Facebook

Of course, we need to communicate with our friends. With Facebook, you can know the latest situations of your friends. I believe every Nokia user needs this app because Facebook is more than cool; it also becomes the trend of cyber community.

5. NetQin Antivirus

The security of our phones is very important. Since hackers are more and more likely to attack our mobiles, we need an antivirus app to help us. NetQin Antivirus is a utility that works like a traditional PC antivirus, scanning your phone's directories for malicious files or programs. You can stop scans and select specific places for NetQin Antivirus to scan.

So at present, you have a map, a web browser, a message guard and you can also communicate with friends on the mobile without the worry of being attacked by hackers. Something is missing? Oh, we don't have a player. I don't think we will need one since RealPlayer inserted in Nokia is quite powerful for local video viewing. What about online video watching? Sorry, it can't manage it and at present no app for Nokia can content you on this point. You can download UC Player, but it can't support YouTube videos too well.

So we can't watch YouTube videos with Nokia? At least at present, I haven't found a good solution to play YouTube videos smoothly on Nokia N97. However, you can download YouTube videos and convert them to mp4 files for Nokia. You may feel it quite complicated, but with good software like Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro, you can save a lot of time. This seems to be the only way if you want to watch YouTube videos smoothly without quality loss. If this can't content you, you can buy a Nokia with Windows Phone like Lumia 800.

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