Monday, March 26, 2012

How To Watch 3D Titanic Beforehand

From Titanic to Avatar, James Cameron created one legend after another. In 1998, Titanic won over 1.8 billion dollars at box office. However, Avatar robbed its crown in 2010 with over 2.7 billion dollars at check box office. Then you will find that the most two profitable movies in history are all directed by James Cameron.

However, Cameron refused to stop, so he decided to challenge again, with his 3D version of Titanic. Will Titanic get back its throne? This is a really bold attempt because the old version of Titanic seemed to be perfect in our mind while Avatar was regarded as incomparable in 3D film industry. What surprise will Kate's Rose and Leonard's Jack bring us this time? I don't know. But I do know that even a little mistake in the film will be highlighted and then the film will receive a flood of curses. I even doubt whether the theme song of the film can turn to be a classic as My Heart Will Go On.

Anyway, the more doubts a film bears, the more attentions it gets. At least for me, I am quite curious of the movie. The film is said to be released in April in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Titanic's sunk. So thanks to Cameron, we can review this classic again and maybe we can be moved again. This film is destined to be a profitable one since every Titanic lover will buy a ticket for it. However, if the main characters and the plot of the 3D version are exactly the same as the original one, how can it attract us? The secret lies in its 3D effect.

Since the success of Avatar, 3D film has become a trend. Maybe Cameron felt pity that the old version could not reach his expectation in special effects and he believed with 3D effect his Titanic can be better. Whatever, people are more tended to be moved by tragedy. With 3D effect, you will enter the virtual film world and become a witness to the love between Jack and Rose as well as to the disastrous tragedy. I don't know how many people once held the thought of being a member on the ship after watching the old version, but I did. That's why I am looking forward to the 3D version because it may fulfill my dream with its 3D effect.

But I need to wait for a while before I can watch the 3D version. I always want to find some ways to watch 3D Titanic beforehand. I got an idea recently, since the new version is about the same as the old version, I just need to attach 3D effect to the old version. While I used DVD Ripper to convert the DVD of Titanic to mp4 file so that I can play it on the iPad, I surprisingly found that it could add 3D effect to 2D video. Then I just need to buy 3D glasses. Even though the 3D effect you experience can't compare with that of 3D Titanic, at least you can have a general expectation towards 3D Titanic.

I know this method seems to be not so good, but at least you can have a try.

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