Monday, March 5, 2012

Customize Your Own Player

With "Moyea Flash Video MX Pro 6" You Customize Your Player and Video
Companies have publicized their aim of "Customers First" for years. I have not felt I was as special as their slogan describes, until I discovered software named "Moyea Flash Video MX Pro 6", which by the way makes you feel really cool.
Have you ever felt annoyed at your video player? I have. I hate the interface or some buttons on it or even the volume bar of the player. However, you can do nothing but tolerate it. Things changed as "MX Pro 6" provides you the right to customize your web player.
In order to fulfill your desire to customize your own player, up to 17 types of playback control bar outlooks are available, like the classic style, crystal style and so on. Multi-functions like play, pause, stop, fast forward, volume control and process bar are also available. The advanced settings can help you reach a personalized control bar as well. You are also in the control of the conversion start and finish positions and you can even remove the annoying margins. Isn't it cool to be a master of your own player?
All in all, as a flash video converter of Moyea Software, it owns a lot of advantages over others and this software is one of my favorites. Not only can I benefit from its almighty converting function, but also experience the feeling of customizing my own stuff.

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