Friday, March 30, 2012

A General Comparison Between iPhone and Nokia N97

The battle between iPhone and Nokia has lasted for years. However, since the debut of iPhone, Nokia is starting a downhill journey. The popularization of iPhone has made Apple a tycoon in phone sale market. In order to get rid of their poor situation, many companies carry out their counterattacks.

Google stands together with Motorola to fight against Apple in the patent war. Microsoft unities with Nokia to produce mobiles with Windows Phone system, hence it makes Microsoft the enemy of Apple in both fields. The batter between iOS and Windows Phone will be another story. The once almighty Symbian is about to quit this war. Let's make a comparison between iPhone and Nokia N97, outstanding Symbian mobile.

1. Connection

I will praise neither of them. We can transfer and receive data with Nokia. However, it is not as that convenient as it is supposed to be. For example, as you receive a video with Bluetooth, you will find the video is received and recognized by N97 as a message. Hence, you can't move it, copy it or play it. You need to download software like X-plore to extract the video for you. To this extend, iPhone does better but you will be annoyed at it when you want to transfer data from your computer. You need to download iTunes to synchronize the file of iPhone and the computer. So either Nokia N97 or iPhone may irritate you in terms of connection function.

2. Media Player

Nokia N97 is inserted with RealPlayer, so you are capable of watching videos of various formats like rmvb/3gp/mp4/rm. However, iPhone can just support mp4 file. So if you get an rmvb file, you need to convert it to mp4 file with Video Converter. N97 is also inserted with Flash Player, so you can watch swf file easily. However, since many converters can't support swf file, it is a headache to find special software like Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter to convert swf to mp4 for iPhone. To this extent, Nokia N97 is much more powerful.

3. Resolution and Display

Obvious N97 lags far behind in this aspect. The display of iPhone is always the best in the world with the most advanced technology adapted. The latest iPhone is equipped with Retina Display with amazingly high resolution. Nokia N97 is equipped with electric touch screen while iPhone with capacitive touch screen. The screen and display are two largest advantages of iPhone. Comparing to it, the display of N97 sucks.

4. Influence and Popularity

We can easily draw the conclusion that iPhone is far more popular than Nokia 97. A fact will support my opinion: Nokia N97 has stopped its production while iPhone renews its generation to iPhone 4S. How popular can iPhone be? Every generation of iPhone breaks the sale record and becomes the new champion. Nokia N97 takes a week to sell 2 million phones while iPhone 4 manages it in two day. Now everyone is expecting the new generation of iPhone while no one cares about Nokia N97.

Ok, my discussion will end here because we all know this is an unfair match. Symbian can't even match with Android in recent years. As a N97 user, I am looking forward to the counterattack of Nokia with its new system, Windows Phone. Can Nokia be a dominance of the phone market again? We will see.

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