Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eight Interesting Anecdotes Of iPod

Apple has occupied the digital sale market with its brilliant products and becomes more and more influential in the world. As the debut of The new iPad, people believe it will conquer the sale market in the future. However, to some extent, Apple's success was started from its iPod. You may be familiar with this product, but have you heard of those eight anecdotes of iPod before?

1. 40,000 songs were downloaded in ten minutes.

On July 12, 2004, one million songs are sold in iTunes Music Store. The buyer of the last song was given a 40GB iPod, a PowerBook and the right to download 10 thousand songs. However, just in ten minutes before he downloaded his song, about 40,000 songs had been downloaded.

2. The inventor

Without Jobs, Apple may fail to be so successful. However, it is not Jobs who first brought the idea of a small hard drive-based MP3 player, but Tony Fadell. However, it was said that the higher-than-normal iPod volume comes from Jobs being partial deaf.

3. Sexy earphone

In March, 2004, police in West Midlands warned iPod users to avoid wearing sexy original white iPod earphone because it can easily make them the targets of thieves.

4. Expansive menu

In August, 2006, United States International Trade Commission ordered Apple to pay Creative Technology 100 million dollars for its patent violation in the menu design of iPod.

5.The origin of iPod

iPod was named by Vinnie Chieco, who was in charge of the promotion of iPod. She thought of the line "HAL , is the pod bay door open" on the first sight of iPod. However, it was laughed at by many people. They joked it was short for I Perfer to Own Disc.

6. High-price iPod

Till now, the most expansive iPod were the special version of iPod 2, which was debut in December 2002. It is a 20GB version sold for 548 dollars with the signature of pop star in its back.

7. Wrong color

iPod mini was the first iPod that had various colors for selection. However, some iPods were given the wrong color. They were in magenta rather than in pink, which they should be. However, those products sold out in a short time on eBay.

8. Best seller

iPod nano became best seller after iPod touch and iPod shuffle. Black nano were most popular while golden nano attracted least attention. Later, Apple stopped selling golden nana.

Those are eight funny stories about iPod. Nowadays iPod is becoming more and more attractive with its extraordinary resolution and Retina Display. However, nothing can be perfect. Even with this magic machine, there are still some limitations.

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