Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apple Surprises Us Again With Technological Innovation

After months of waiting, Apple has finally debuted The new iPad, a product that attracts the world's attention. Now we can predict that all the news about The new iPad will be on the front page of newspaper. Apple can always bring us surprise with its technological innovation. When iPhone was debuted, people come to realize that actually you can design a phone as cool as that. Also Apple tells us that keyboard is not a necessity for portable computer.
What does Apple bring us this time? Yes, technological innovation! Can you imagine a tablet can be as thin as The new iPad without losing its almighty functions? Can you believe that there is a resolution called: 2048×1536? Apple is trying to challenge the limitation of our imagination. What will the next iPad be? Can it fly?
Anyway, as a tablet user I just want to throw mine into trash after the debut of The new iPad. The battery of mine can't last for three hours, let alone ten hours! While Apple knocked the camera quality up to 5-megapixel with 1080p video recording and backside illumination, I find the photos taken by mine at night is blurry. As for the Retina Display, though I do not know what it is or the effect it can bring, I know it must be another innovation. All right, Apple is telling every tablet manufacturer: your product sucks!
However I always wonder why The new iPad is reluctant to support Adobe Flash Player? How are their customers supposed to watch videos online? As Adobe Flash Player is a necessity to watch video online, I guess their customers need to download YouTube videos and then convert videos to the format required by The new iPad.
As far as I know, software like Keepvid and Moyea YouTube Downloader can do it. I know some may favor Keepvid, but Moyea YouTube Downloader is my first choice to convert online videos for my tablet because it can not only download fast but convert quickly with more formats for selection. Another thing is that I find it can convert online videos to the size of 2048×1536, so it can help those iPad users to solve this problem. Anyway, it is not my issue to bother that since I can't afford The new iPad.
Apple is destined to bring about another technological revolution to the IT industry. As a tablet user I am looking forward the new surprise it will brings to tablet users.

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