Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Uploading and Customizing Your Video

With This, You Can Have More Fun With Video
I have a friend who is a good singer. In order to realize her dream of being a pop star, she decided to attend a local talent show only to find her too stressed to sing well. At that time, I thought it would be nice to find a software that can help you to publicize her talent without going to those shows and make her a local celebrity. Recently, I find "Moyea Flash Video MX Pro 6" can fulfill my desire.
This software can help you to upload your favorite videos to famous websites like YouTube by converting them to flv formats required by those websites. Hence, what you need to do is just to show your talent and record it with your video camera, iphone or similar devices. If you are reluctant to upload your videos, this software can help you to insert those videos to your blogs or your facebook. You friends can easily get to know your talent just by visiting your blogs. As long as you are talented enough, you will become a celebrity in your social network community.
Another advantage of this software lays in its capability to let you customize videos. You can make your videos as artistic as possible, simply by triming short parts from some videos and merging them together. If no one can find out it is not an original video, then you proof yourself a genius. As for the audio, you can replace the original one with your own choice, a music or a recorded audio by yourself are both OK. While you finish your videos, you can play them on the customized player and share them with your friends on website. Isn't it cool?
MX Pro 6 can provide you a stage to show your talent, to share with friends and enrich your leisure time. It makes uploading to YouTube more accessible and provides you a chance to customize your video

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