Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two Methods To Help You Play Videos Smoothly With Mobile

So the popularization of mobiles not only makes communication easily but also promotes the development of relative industries. Nowadays, we are not content with those mobiles that can just make phone calls. Mobile has become an entertainment tool for us. Not only need it to support multi-media and Wi-Fi but also popular games like Angry Birds.

However, mobiles are not as that powerful as computers. You can't play Call of Duty on it and you can't play video that is 1080P. For most time, the player inserted in the mobile can just support some certain formats. In order to watch videos of various formats, we can convert videos to the supported formats with Video Converter or we can download a powerful player.

However, you will be irritated if you find that your player can support this file but it can't play it smoothly. This is really discouraging. If the player can't support your file, it is OK to download another one; if your player can't play it smoothly, you know you need to download another one as well, not the player but the video. Generally speaking, I will introduce two methods to help you play videos smoothly with Mobile .

1. Convert the video

When playing football, we can hire a good foreign player to aid us if we can't win a match. However, he can't play for our National Team because he is a foreigner. To solve this issue, we need to give him the nationality of our country and then we can recruit him.

Ok, the same truth can be applied here. For example, the player inserted in N97 can support mp4. While you can't play an rmvb file smoothly, you can convert the rmvb video to mp4 file with the help of Video Converter. Format Factory is not recommended since it once took me two hours to convert a 50-minute long video. I once attempted to watch BBC:Human Planet Season 01 with my N97, which is a 300M rmvb file. I tried RealPlayer and UC Player, but I just heard the audio of the movie with the picture remaining there. Later I tried to convert it to mp4 which was a 600M mp4 file. I thought it probably wouldn't work, but actually it did.

2. Customize the size of the video

This method is based on the condition that the video you are playing is of the original format supported by your mobile. For example, though N97 (N97 again? Sorry, but I do just own N97) can support mp4, it may also fail to play a 1080P mp4 file smoothly. That's because the mobile is chewing more than it can bit. Under this condition, you can just customize the size with software like Video Converter to smaller size like 360P. Then your mobile can play it smoothly. After all, it is much better than downloading another video.

Generally speaking, those methods may not solve all the problems, but it helps. In the future, there will be powerful mobiles that can play any videos smoothly. Then you won't be bothered by this issue any more.

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